Hooray! Warmists Say Ocean Is Eating 90% Of The Warmth

It’s all so very convenient that the New Climate Deniers come up with a way to proclaim that Mankind is still the main culprit, it’s just that the heat is disappearing into the deep oceans (which they can’t really prove). Since it has been exposed that there has been a pause in warming, with no statistically significant warming since 1997 (really, 1990, since the global temp has gone up just .28F since 1990 and .14F since 1997), Warmists have trotted out lots of “theories”, such as soot, that the melting Arctic is causing a dip in the jet stream which causes it to get cold, and others. Over the past month or so they’ve tried the “deep ocean” prognostication, and here’s more.

global warming

(UK Guardian) The rate of heat building up on Earth over the past decade is equivalent to detonating about 4 Hiroshima atomic bombs per second. Take a moment to visualize 4 atomic bomb detonations happening every single second. That’s the global warming that we’re frequently told isn’t happening.

.28F since 1990. Those bombs must be some serious duds. Oh, and what the Guardian is writing doesn’t provide Human causation.

There are periods when the ocean heats up more quickly than the surface, and other periods when the surface heats up more quickly than the oceans. Right now we’re in a period of fast ocean warming and overall, global warming is continuing at a very fast pace.

.14F. Hard facts are pesky.

The confusion on this subject lies in the fact that only about 2 percent of global warming is used in heating air, whereas about 90 percent of global warming goes into heating the oceans (the rest heats ice and land masses). But humans live at the Earth’s surface, and thus we tend to focus on surface temperatures. Over the past 10—15 years, Earth’s surface temperature has continued to rise, but slowly. At the same time, the warming of the oceans — and the warming of the Earth as a whole — has accelerated.

It’s all so convenient. Have I pointed out that correlation is not causation? The Warmist doctrine of Mankind’s release of CO2 has not abated, yet, the warming has not continued, and there are plenty of natural forces at play in terms of ocean heat. The author, a typical Warmist, mentions La Nina’s and El Nino’s, but still wants to blame Mankind. But, the point here is simply to find a convenient scapegoat to blame for the lack of warming and the failure of the computer “models”. John Abraham even trots out the GIF from the far left Skeptical Science (often trotted out in the comments at Right Wing News)

If anything, this little chart further proves that the warming since the end of the Little Ice Age is natural, otherwise you wouldn’t have all these fits and starts, and even cooling. Warmists will never change their tune because ‘Climate change” is not about science, but about politics and pushing their far left fascistic big government redistributive policies.

During periods with more La Niñas, surface temperatures temporarily flatten out. But global warming does not. As long as humans continue to increase the greenhouse effect by burning massive quantities of fossil fuels, the planet will continue to warm, as is clear from the acceleration of global warming since 2000.

OK, there you go, Warmists, give up all your fossil fueled travel. All. Not some. All. You won’t, though. You never do.

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