HuffPo Warmist Says We Should Declare A War On The Weather

by William Teach | December 3, 2011 8:54 am

These people are really silly. Dr. Gary Ginsburg at the Huffington Post

Message to Durban: Declare War on Climate Change [1]

Yeah. Right. And, as shown by the Greenie Pig article[2] yesterday, the minute the Warmists are inconvenienced, they stop trying to reduce their carbon footprint.

The Wars on Drugs and Poverty in the 1960s were obviously not literal wars involving guns and bombs. They were wars of conscience and responsibility – a recognition that there is an illness, an evil, an injustice that damages the fabric of society. A recognition that we have to seek it out, hunt it down, find its origins, and kill it off. This is what we are trying to do now in the war on terror. No less, in fact much more, is required to fight climate change. We need all the governments, stakeholders, business leaders and foot soldiers like you and me to be on the right side of this war – to be the good guys.

Anyone see anything in there about, you know, science? No? It was all about politics? Hmph. Imagine that.

Then we get a few comparisons of globull warming to terrorism, such as “If a terrorist group blew up New Orleans, bombed it into an apocolyptic state, would this not be a Pearl Harbor event?” And then the terrorist forgot to manufacture any US landfalling hurricanes in over 3 1/2 seasons, and no Category 3 or higher since 2006. Bummer. The longest periods since before the Civil War.

Then we learn about the climate being “unruly and destabilized.” You know, weather like has always happened. Then, how China is evil for having the temerity to push their economy forward, and

So, rather than only putting a few cards on the table, Durban needs to be addressing the whole concept of how we do business on a global scale. The current system of free trade puts the decision of capping emissions into the hands of multinationals as they are the ones choosing where to invest. And to them capping emissions is a nice concept but it does nothing for this quarter’s profitability. China is a convenient engine for that profitability and at the same time, serves as a convenient scapegoat for inaction on climate change. A League of Green Traders could potentially wrestle power from the multis and put it into the hands of decision-makers who want their cities and societies to survive the ravages of climate change.

Who are these “Green Traders”?

Perhaps what’s needed is a League of Green Traders, as opposed to free traders. The good guys buy and sell within the league and play by rules that aggressively attack the climate problem. Everyone is invited into the league, the terms of engagement clear. Countries that want the economic advantage of not controlling carbon would be outlaws, pariahs and not allowed into the EU or North American marketplace. Instead of desperately seeking cheap labor, the multinationals would be desperately seeking green suppliers. I doubt that it would take China very long to come around.

Uh huh. And the Warmists scoff when many of us Climate Realists say that the movement is all about control of people, businesses, and economies, pushed by people who rarely live the life they say everyone else should be forced to live.

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