HuffPo: You Climate Realists Are The Real “Alarmists”

by William Teach | July 19, 2011 9:06 am

And all this time, I thought I was using the word “alarmist” in the correct context, ie, people who practice chicken littleism on the climate, like Kelly Rigg: Will the Real Global Warming Alarmists Please Stand Up?[1]

I wish I had a dollar for every time someone called Al Gore an alarmist.

I wish I had a dollar for every time Gore did something that highlights what a climahypocrite he is. And a penny for every time a Warmist refused to practice what they preach.

The dictionary definition of an alarmist is “someone who is considered to be exaggerating a danger and so causing needless worry or panic,” “a person who habitually spreads alarming rumors, exaggerated reports of danger, etc.” Not to be confused, of course, with someone who sounds the alarm about a genuine threat. Someone who shouts “Fire!” in a movie theater is a villain if there’s no fire, but a hero if there is.

In the case of climate change, 97% of climate experts — the scientists who publish in peer-reviewed journals — agree that the climate is changing as a result of human activity. Given the dramatic scale of current and anticipated impacts, this is akin to a fire smoldering in the projection room.

Seriously, she citing that 97% silliness[2] again?

But what about those who shout “fire!” in relation to measures aimed at eliminating energy waste and our dependency on fossil fuels? This is the other side of the alarmist coin.

This kind of alarmism has led to a spate of death threats against climate scientists, most recently in Australia where a heated public debate over a proposed carbon tax is currently raging. I’m not referring to the run-of-the-mill creepy, anonymous emails that many of us receive from time to time, but to blatant and open hate-mongering. Take the example of German physicist Hans Schellnhuber, who spoke at a conference in Melbourne recently. Accused of being a “green fascist,” his speech was interrupted by a member of the audience brandishing a hangman’s noose (you can watch it for yourself here[3]).

Got that? Opposition to the insane fantasies of gloom and doom, meant in reality to increase government control of people and business, is the real alarmism. It is quite a yoga contortion of thought, eh? It’s apparently “alarmism” due to saying

All you Realists are the true alarmists. How dare you attempt to protect your freedoms and money! Don’t you know the Earth has fever, and Michele Bachmann[4] traveling around the country running for president releasing greenhouse gases causes it (I’m waiting for her to accused in that manner).

Anyhow, Ms. Rigg, as executive direction of the Global Campaign For Climate Change[5], what changes in your life have you made? Other than “spreading awareness” and creating media stunts, what measures has the GCCC taken to reduce it’s own “carbon footprint”? You folks spend quite a bit of time agitating, but, are you actually walking the talk?

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