The Icy Dark Side of the Global Warming Hoax’s Collapse

by Dave Blount | January 11, 2017 1:01 pm

The fun side of the collapse of the global warming hoax is laughing at the egg slowly oozing down the faces of leftists who invested whatever credibility they might have had in this Trojan horse for statism. What is not so fun is that unfortunately the climate may not be heading for warmer temperatures after all — quite the reverse:

Sub-freezing temperatures across swathes of Europe have claimed over 60 victims in recent days — notably in Poland, Romania and the Balkans — with migrants and the homeless among the most vulnerable, officials said on Tuesday.

Six people died in Poland and seven more in the Balkans over a 24-hour period as temperatures plunged across Europe, while Romania announced six deaths in recent days.

Authorities in Warsaw said the toll of hypothermia deaths in the country since November 1 had now risen to 71.

Polish police urged people to help those most vulnerable, especially the homeless, as the mercury sank to below -20 degrees Celsius (minus four degrees Fahrenheit) in some regions.

That’s Poland, not Siberia. The same extremes have been reached further south:

In southern Serbia, where temperatures have fallen below -20 C and a state of emergency has been declared, an 88-year-old father and his 64-year-old son died of the cold in the village of Duga Poljana.

In Russia, temperatures have recently reached −80°F, and scientists are warning of a new Ice Age.

Meanwhile, an increasingly out of touch Hollyweird is actually doubling down on the absurd notion that we must live in terror of insufficient taxation and regulation allowing the weather to get warmer. “Climate change,” as global warming was rebranded, is reportedly the theme of this year’s Sundance Film Festival.

If only it were believable that freedom improves the weather by making it warmer; this would be a compelling argument for liberty.

Formerly green Greenland. Some global warming would be nice.

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