If Only You’d Forgo Meat And Cheese Once A Week, We’d Save Gaia

I’m sure you can easily guess what we could save Gaia from, right?

If every American skipped meat and cheese one day a week, environmentally it would be the same as the country driving 91 billion fewer miles a year. That’s the figure calculated by the Environmental Working Group, which in a report out today urges the nation to eat less meat and cheese, both for health and the environment.

The call joins a growing movement advocating once-a-week meat-free meals, from an International Meatless Monday campaign and a European Veggie Days movement to decisions by some Catholic bishops to suggest a return to the no-meat Fridays of old.

The EWG report is the most recent in a long list calculating the greenhouse gases emitted in food production.

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Hey, I know what would drastically reduce greenhouse gases: all the climate alarmists practicing what they preach. We can start with Al Gore, who should live in a tiny shack with no air conditioning, as well as forgoing the big SUVs and private jets he always travels in. Then there are all the “climate scientists” attending conferences several times a year in exotic vacation spots around the world. And all the worker drones in Al’s army, who spew out talking points but still use lots of electricity, drive cars, take unnecessary fossil fueled airplane trips, have refrigerators, televisions, DVRs, iPhones, cats, dogs, and so many of the other things that they say are causing global warming, er, climate change, er, climate crisis.

Of course, none of them practice what they preach, because they want everyone to be as miserable as they are, at the barrel of a government decree. Oh, and because it would be inconvenient for their lifestyles. Can you imagine the liberal intelligentsia giving up cheese at their Manhattan cocktail parties?

And, I really don’t have to mention that this whole issue has nothing to do with actually caring about the environment or the climate, but about giving government (preferably a far left progressive/fascist one) a ton more control over people, companies, and their money, do I?

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