If We Don’t Go Ahead With ‘Climate Change’ Meeting, The Terrorists Win Or Something

Somehow, I sincerely doubt that ISIS was really thinking about the big yearly climate change meeting which will take place in Paris in a few weeks when they planned their attacks. But, hey, the murderous ISIS attacks give those who want to enact draconian policies that put more control of people, private entities, energy, and economies in the hands of centralized government a chance to show just How Brave they are.

Why Paris climate change talks won’t allow protesters (+video)

A highly anticipated UN climate conference scheduled to start in Paris in two weeks will go on as planned, though many of the side events, like marches and concerts, will likely be canceled as France tries to balance a “business-as-usual” approach with increased security concerns.

But not so brave that they’ll allow protests and marches and stuff.

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The terrorist attacks in Paris, which have killed 129 people and injured hundreds more, left some people worried that the French government and United Nations might cancel the COP21, where countries are expected to map out a global accord to limit greenhouse gas emissions.

But officials say that the main part of conference, the negotiations, will go on as planned.

“The feeling is we should go on with business as usual, because you can’t give in to these terrorists,” an unidentified European diplomat told Politico on Saturday, adding that his prime minister will attend.

Perhaps the attendees can pass a resolution of condemnation against ISIS for their huge carbon footprint. Seriously, how much carbon pollution was created by all that travel and the use of fossil fuels? Were the guns and bombs they used locally produced?

Mr. Fabius told Reuters that many world leaders have committed to come to the summit, despite the violent Friday attacks that shook the world.

He quoted some leaders as saying: “We not only planned to come, but now we have to come, because we have to show to the terrorists that we are not afraid of them.”

That’s French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius, who famously stated that the world has “500 days to avoid climate chaos“, 565 days before the Paris Conference on the Parties. If they do not come up with a (fascistic, authoritative) agreement, will the world end?

Some experts are saying that the conference may devote more time to discussions linking climate change with national security, a theme often stressed by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, reports Reuters.

Well, if that is the case, then the attendees are part of the problem

Politico reports that the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change expects the event to draw about 10,000 government representatives to the Le Bourget conference center in a northeastern Parisian suburb, plus 3,000 journalists and about 7,000 climate activists and other observers each week.

So, over 20,000 people taking long fossil fueled trips to complain about ‘climate change’, which they blame mostly on the use of fossil fuels.

Say, I wonder if they would ever consider that terrorism is causes by writings in the Koran?

Also, if we don’t allow all the climate marches and protests and stuff, aren’t the terrorists winning?

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