Is Life On Earth Headed Towards An Extinction Event?

by William Teach | March 3, 2011 9:00 am

You can guess what is going to crop up as one of the reasons, right?

Life on Earth is hurtling toward extinction levels[1] comparable with those after the dinosaur-deleting asteroid impact of 65 million years ago, propelled forward by human activities, according to scientists from UC Berkeley.

This week, scientists announced that if current extinction rates continue unabated, and vulnerable species disappear, Earth could lose three-quarters of its species as soon as three centuries from now.

This means that not too far in the future, backyards might not be buzzing with bees, bombarded by seagulls or shaded by redwood trees. And while that might seem far off, species already are disappearing on a global scale. In recent history, we’ve lost the dodo bird and the passenger pigeon, the Javan tiger and the Japanese sea lion, and now, maybe the eastern cougar — declared extinct by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service on Wednesday. Amphibians, mammals, plants, fish — none are immune to going the way of the dinosaurs, courtesy of the human impact on fragile ecosystems.

Granted, Mankind could do a better job of conservation. No matter how you look at it, whether from a religious viewpoint, where God has made Man stewards of the Earth, or simply because nature simply rocks, we could do better. Of course, if ecosystems are so fragile, doesn’t that refute Darwinism, and survival of the fittest? Anyhow, guess what one of the causes is?

To determine whether current losses could equal these mass extinction rates, scientists compared recent rates with species die-offs during the Big Five, taking into account presently endangered species. They also looked at the number of species lost in recent history and found that while rates are dramatically higher than expected, the percentage of vanishing species is not elevated — yet. We already are engaged in a seemingly inexorable march toward barren landscapes and empty seas, a procession fueled by human population growth, resource consumption and climate change, according to scientists.

All three are the complaints by the extreme enviro-nuts and climate morons. All three are inexorably linked in their talking points, referencing one to highlight another.

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