Latest “Climate Change” Scary Story: We Might Run Out Of Food!

by William Teach | August 17, 2015 7:19 am

We’re doomed, I tell you, doomed!!!!!!1!!!!


We believe our planet is a place of infinite resources that is going to sustain and feed us forever. We often take it for granted that the production of food is never going to be seriously affected by any external factor.

However, experts have been warning us for a long time that climate change is a serious matter and we need to put an end to harmful activity in order to keep those resources intact. Studies have shown that many species of insects and animals have already been affected by extreme weather.

With the population on Earth increasing exponentially it is very unlikely that the planet is going to be able to sustain us for a long time. It is estimated that there will be nine billion people inhabiting the planet in 2050, which is almost two billion more than the number recorded now. This number will probably be doubled by the end of this century.

So, because of “extreme weather” (which, in Reality Land, is actually not happening more than before) caused by “climate change”, and all those pesky Others being born, we’ll apparently all starve to death. Interestingly, people did pretty darned well during the previous Holocene warm periods, which were warmer than the current warm period. The big famines occurred during the cool periods.

Food Shortages Expected by 2040 Due to Climate Change[2]

While we are really only now starting to understand the drastic effect of climate change, a new study warns that there is even more to worry about as it seems our food supply might run out (or might reach prices too high for most of us to afford) by 2040.

“It is likely that the effects of climate change will be felt most strongly through the increasing frequency of extreme weather events such as droughts, heat waves and floods and their impact on the production and distribution of food – something we almost take for granted,” explains Tim Benton, the acting ambassador and spokesperson for the UK Champion for Global Food Security, who focuses mostly on food and food security.

He goes on to say, “This study presents a plausible scenario for how the food system might be impacted by extreme weather, alongside a series of recommendations that should help policy and business plan for the future. Action is urgently needed to understand risks better, improve the resilience of the global food system to weather-related shocks and to mitigate their impact on people.”

Interestingly, the policy proposals look to more governmental control of food systems, and changing the world economies. Imagine that.

Can the earth feed 11 billion people?[3]

Humanity is on course for a population greater than 11 billion by the end of this century, according to the latest analysis[4] from the UN’s population division.

In a simple sense, population is the root cause of all sustainability issues. Clearly if there were no humans there would be no human impacts. Assuming you don’t wish to see the complete end of the human race – a desire that is shared by some deep green thinkers[5] and Bond super-villians[6]– then the issue is whether there is an optimal number of humans on the planet.

And here we get more of the notion of population reduction.

This all reads as some type of science fiction, as predicted in fiction books since the 1930’s. Those ramblings have failed to come to fruition, the same way the scary fables of future doom from the Cult of Climastrology will fail.

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