Left Goes Apocalyptic Over Trump Paris Decision, Claim It’s An ASSAULT On People Of Color

Left Goes Apocalyptic Over Trump Paris Decision, Claim It’s An ASSAULT On People Of Color

President Donald Trump’s determination to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord has drawn cheers and criticism from all sides of the aisle.

One of the most ridiculous things I’ve heard the left squawk about in regards to the “effects” of our voluntary removal form the Accord is the fact that this will apparently directly affect communities of color.

Yes, President Trump is trying to kill minorities by pulling out of the climate deal. You got him. That was the plan all along.

And he would have gotten away with it too, if it wasn’t for your meddling SJWs.

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The backlash for this move includes the resignation of Disney’s Bob Iger from the President’s council…


… to the Democratic Senator from California, Kamala Harris…

… to the baseless accusations made by actor Mark Ruffalo.

UNICEF even went as far as to publish a propaganda photo to hopefully get more people to scream at Trump for his decision to remove us from the disastrous deal.

The ACLU made the wackiest accusation of all, claiming that our withdrawal from the Climate Accord is going to affect our progress on racial justice.

After pulling in thousands of confused replies, the ACLU issued some more tweets on the topic, trying to explain what they meant by that.

The NAACP agreed with the sentiment and retweeted the ACLU – adding in a “#StayWoke” hashtag for good measure.

This is exactly what the left is all about – the sky is always falling, the barbarians are always at the gate and if you don’t vote for them you’re going to have a terrible life. Can we stop pretending that they care about anything more than power and will say and do anything to ascertain their positions in the government? At this point, it’s just embarrassing how far they have to reach to tie this to some sort of “racism,” “sexism” or “Islamaphobia” thing.

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