Let’s Watch The Environmentally Friendly Ivanpah Solar Plant Incinerate Birds And Insects

When most think of something that’s environmentally friendly, they think that it doesn’t pollute, doesn’t hurt wildlife, and doesn’t damage the environment. When members of the Cult of Climastrology think of the environment, they think only of “carbon pollution”, an unscientific way to say carbon dioxide. Let’s see this in action

(Daily Caller) The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) released video footage showing how the intense heat generated by the Ivanpah solar plant incinerates thousands of birds and bats.

“At Ivanpah, evidence of flying animals impacted by intense heat near the solar towers had been observed,” according to new USGS research. “The new study showed that although birds and bats were occasionally seen near the towers at Ivanpah, most observations involved insects.”

Ivanpah is a federally-backed solar power plant that uses more than 170,000 mirrored heliostats to direct sunlight at tall boilers towers to generate electricity in California. The concentrated sunlight creates an intense field of heat, called a solar flux, around the facility that’s “enough to cause injury or death” to birds or anything else that flies through it.

Ivanpah reportedly incinerated over 6,000 birds in 2015. Warmists will say “yeah, but fossil fuels kill more!!!!!”, forgetting that solar plants are positioned as being environmentally friendly. It’s not environmentally friendly if it is incinerating birds and insects.

Interestingly enough, most Warmists do not want solar projects near where they live. Same for wind. Go figure.

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