Liberal Climate Alarmists Now Like The Military!

by William Teach | January 3, 2011 9:08 am

Usually, the Left treats the military with derision and loathing. Except when they need them to prop up one of their insane ideas. I mentioned before that in 2011 the Warmists were going to spend their time pushing a PR blitz[1], rather than showing their homework, and we’ve already had one article saying that if you are a denier Realist, you were supporting terrorism[2]. Now, from the Politico, we get: Climate change: Next security threat[3]

Congress is known for producing lots of “hot air.” If some senators and representatives have their way during the new Congress, “hot air” could literally be the result of their work.

Certain senators and the new Republican-controlled House are attacking the Environmental Protection Agency’s authority to limit carbon pollution. This is likely to have devastating consequences for our environment and our national security.

Over the past 14 months, Operation Free and thousands of veterans across the country, from every generation, have worked to support a national clean energy policy. The Veterans for American Power tour visited hundreds of communities nationwide, meeting with thousands of Americans to deliver the message that U.S. national security is closely tied to our energy policy.

In Washington, veterans have met with scores of senators to ask for support for a climate and energy policy that reduces dependence on oil.

Of course, not all veterans are Conservatives, and even some people on the Right have bought into the stupidity of anthropogenic global warming. Quite frankly, anyone using the phrase “climate change” to support their Belief that greenhouse gases are warming the planet and causing everything (hot, cold, dry, wet, snow, ice, etc) is an idiot.

We do need a better energy policy, one which relies less on oil from countries that support radical Islam, as well as less from countries with dictators and piss poor human rights (such as Venezuela). We do need more from cleaner sources, such as solar, wind, hydrothermal, and nuclear, most of which the alarmists support in theory, but typically block actually being implemented. Funny that. But when I say “clean”, I mean less actual pollutants, rather than a trace gas (CO2) which is necessary for life.

This oil dependence is among the most dangerous threats to U.S. national security. For years, senior military and intelligence officials have warned that too much of U.S. oil payments eventually trickle down to terrorists, who use it to buy the weapons used against our troops in Afghanistan and Iraq.

So, how about allowing the United States to obtain oil from our own lands and waters? Oh, sorry, I forgot, the alarmists just do not like oil. Except when it gets them to work in their large gas burning vehicles. And flies them off to exotic vacation spots for “climate change” conferences.

Let’s take a quick look at what Operation Free believes[4]

Tropical Storms and American Cities. Climate Change causes tropical storms, like Hurricane Katrina, which displaced 1.1 million Americans and destroyed a great city.

So, Hurricane Katrina was apparently caused by man-induced global warming, because there were never any landfalling hurricanes prior to Katrina. Nutso.

Iraq and Afghanistan. The longer the U.S. remains dependent on fossil fuel, the more the U.S. will have to engage in tough fights just to protect our energy supplies.

And there we have the Leftist meme that Iraq and Afghanistan were wars for oil. And Osama agrees with these alarmists

Osama bin Laden has targeted our oil infrastructure: “One of the main causes for our enemies’ gaining hegemony over our country is their stealing our oil; therefore, you should make every effort in your power to stop the greatest theft in history.”

Actually, OBL and al Qaeda have targeted our people and economy, not our oil infrastructure. But, again, why not allow us to obtain oil from our own national resources?

The leftist alarmists are simply hiding behind a “national security” meme, and using leftist military members, to push their Big Government control agenda. Yes, a changing climate can create national security issues. But, the climate has always changed. That is part of nature, a reality that envirowacko left conveniently forgets.

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