New Warmist Prognostication: A One In Three Chance Of Record Rainfall

by William Teach | July 24, 2017 7:16 am


It’s time for yet another in a long line of scary doom-predictions from the Cult of Climastrology

Climate change brings one-in-three chance of record rainfall, warns Met Office[2]

There is now a one-in-three chance of record rainfall hitting part of England and Wales each winter, according to new Met Office study which highlights the risk of major flooding as the climate warms.

The researchers warned that global warming would change the risk of extreme weather and suggested politicians should bear this in mind when planning to protect the public, businesses and infrastructure.

A series of storms in the winter of 2013/14 caused widespread flooding and about £1bn-worth of damage in the Thames River valley.

So, because Weather Happened (and it was harsh winter weather, but, hey, according to CoC dogma, winter is now caused by warming greenhouse gases) through one winter, Doom. Anyhow, can you guess how they know this?

Writing in the journal Nature Communications[3], the Met Office team said they had used computer models of the climate to show that those storms “could have been anticipated”.

Computer models, of course. Interestingly, the very same computer models failed to “anticipate” the harsh winter weather beforehand. But, then, they throw in a disclaimer

The researchers, led by Dr Vikki Thompson, added that these estimates of the risks were “only valid in the current climate”.

“Future climate change is likely to alter the chances of extremes,” they wrote. “This is a significant risk and could be used to inform decision makers on the likelihood and intensity of unprecedented rainfall events in the near future to protect the public, business and infrastructure from extreme rainfall and flooding.”

Of course, what they’re doing here is to protect their future scare-mongering predictions from what always happens: people look back and say “um, yeah, you were wrong. Very wrong. Again.” They’ve given themselves an out.

Unsurprisingly, the Met Team is using this to push more Central Government authority and dominance. Surprise?

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