Normal People: We Can Now Save The Planet From Hotcoldwetdry By Eating Our Dogs

by William Teach | June 24, 2015 7:44 am

Hey, you know how I link dogs being evil in relation to “climate change” in my If All You See posts? Heck, I did it Tuesday[1], and I hadn’t even run across this article till several hours after I set the IAYS post to auto-post. Usually, though, the bat-guano insane member of the Cult Of Climastrology isn’t writing at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), as Anna Maria Tremonti does, giving time to a lunatic in print and on the radio

Environmental impact of pets may mean it’s time to ‘eat the dog’[2]

There are about 35 million Canadians… and about 14 million of our best friends, living a fairly pampered existence. But our dogs and cats are cherished companions that are rarely factored in when we talk about what needs to be done to combat climate change.

And certain voices are trying to change that — by calling attention to just how much of an ecological pawprint, those cats and dogs can have.

Robbie Parks is a climate physicist and epidemiologist sounding the alarm. He points out that our pets are methane-producing, meat-eating drags on the planet and the time may have arrived for drastic measures.

In fact, he says, the time may even have arrived to eat the dog.

I’d usually include a facepalm gif, but, at this point, this is beyond the normal unhinged behavior and rants of Warmists.

BTW, make sure to contact the CBC: “Send us an email[3], find us on Facebook[4] and also on [email protected][5]TheCurrentCBC[6].” Let them know how insane this is. But, hey, EPA head Gina McCarthy apparently thinks this is normal behavior

(Daily Caller[7]) EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy told an audience Tuesday gathered at a White House conference “normal people,” not “climate deniers” will win the debate on global warming.

“But in any democracy, it’s not them that carries the day,” McCarthy said. “It is normal human beings that haven’t put their stake into politics above science. It’s normal human beings that want us to do the right thing, and we will if you help us.”

How soon till these “normal human beings” call for eating people? Many have already proclaimed cannibalism is coming[8] due to Hotcoldwetdry.

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