NY Times Totally Wants Trump To Help Heal The Planet’s Climate

Members of the Cult of Climastrology are starting to get the idea that Donald Trump is actually going to do the things he said he would do in attempting to kill of ‘climate change’, at least as governmental policy goes, and are hoping against hope that the Cult can dissuade him. Here’s the NY Times’ Thomas Friedman giving it a while

Donald Trump, Help Heal the Planet’s Climate Change Problem

However, I’m not going to spend every day hoping you fail. Too much is at stake. Since you’re clearly rethinking some of your extreme campaign promises, the right response for me is principled engagement. So let’s start now: Please revisit your claim that climate change is a hoax. (snip)

At the same time, please understand, if you appoint a climate-change denier to head the Environmental Protection Agency and walk America away from the Paris accord, which committed 190 countries to reduce their emissions of the carbon dioxide pollutants that warm the planet, you will trigger a ferocious reaction by young people in America and across Europe. The backlash in Europe will totally undermine your ability to lead the Western alliance.

And as the climate physicist Joe Romm put it to me, do you really want to risk “going down in history as the man who killed the world’s last, best chance to avoid catastrophic warming”?

Catastrophic! Doom! Here’s an interesting question: what if Trump kills off as much governmental genuflecting to the Cult of Climastrology, and nothing happens? The CoC has been proclaiming doom for decades, yet, it has not come to pass, so, rather than reconsider their hypothesis, they change the data. Oh, and put out even more dire prognostications.

There is a better way — for you. You can frame the entire shift in your position in terms of free-market economics.

And everything Thomas discusses revolves around governmental use of power, which is the opposite of free market economics. Without government, solar and wind would be nowhere. It would be great if the free market would work towards a higher use of renewables, but, there is no profit in it.

Then we have Special Snowflake Geoff Dembicki

Trump Has Declared Climate War. But My Generation Will Win.

Donald J. Trump’s positions on climate change amount to a declaration of war on young people like me. But millennials have a stronger position in this fight than it may first appear.

Your generation can barely get out of the house, and are mesmerized by things like taking photos of coffee, food, and themselves. Your generation needs safe spaces filled with coloring books and stuffed dolls. Your generation is getting itself into massive student loans debt while taking classes that preclude actually getting hired, as those degrees not only provide no life skills, but are deemed threats for lawsuits. Your generation is apparently, according to your own talking points, one of rape culture. You’re delicate Special Snowflakes who shriek like a 2 year old when things don’t go your way and/or you’re exposed to views that are different from yours.

I turned 30 a few months ago. I was in Paris last year for the historic climate agreement Mr. Trump now wants to abrogate. As I watched Mr. Trump win the presidency, I was tempted to abandon all the hope I’d felt in France. He is ready to sacrifice my generation and all the others that will follow it for the limited, short-term economic payoff that comes with burning more fossil fuels.

How did Geoff get to Paris? He spends a lot of the article providing whines about fossil fuels. Why is he using them?

But I know something Mr. Trump doesn’t, which lets me feel a glimmer of hope: People my age may be able to prevent him from making us pay for his mistakes. We have more power to stall, and perhaps defeat, his climate plan than our elders seem to be aware of.

Yeah, you can do a lot from your safe spaces.

For Mr. Trump to succeed with his destructive environmental policies — and endanger my generation’s future — he will have to reckon with this profound generational shift. If millennials continue to reject careers in oil and gas, swell the ranks of the divestment movement and do everything we can to keep fossil fuels in the ground, Mr. Trump’s plan to repudiate the Paris agreement and expand drilling in the United States will become unfeasible.

If Trump does what he says, and gets the economy running on all cylinders, most of these Millenials will ditch their Hotcoldwetdry beliefs as they enjoy the prosperity that ‘climate change’ policies have helped stifle.

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