Obama Spells Out Immediate Purpose of Global Warming Hoax: Massive Taxes

No need to wonder about the immediate objective of the increasingly absurd global warming hoax. Its main proponent Barack Hussein Obama is straightforward for a change:

At news conference in Paris on Tuesday, President Obama said “the most elegant way” to reduce carbon emissions is “to put a price on it.”

Liberals have finally figured out that they could steal every penny of wealth produced by the rich and still not pay for their wasteful spending. Energy taxes are paid by everyone.

Why else would greedy oligarchical collectivists pretend that the carbon emissions that result from literally all human activity are harmful, considering that CO2 is immensely beneficial to crops and forests, and that it has no proven negative effects?

The answer to that is: to exert centralized control over the economy. But first let’s have some more of the smash-and-grab economic policy that distinguishes the worst the Democrat Party has to offer.

Speaking of the worst this increasingly malevolent party has to offer, Obama went on to shout the bizarre and hysterical lie that due to insufficient taxation of harmless carbon emissions, “fish are swimming through the middle of the streets” in Miami.


On a tip from Torcer. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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