Paris Climate Summit Can Totally Bring About Peace Or Something

by William Teach | November 20, 2015 7:16 am

Warmist have long attempted to link ‘climate change’ and Everyone Else’s use of fossil fuels to just about every real world issue one can think of, be it the environment, economy, poverty, etc. Oh, and terrorism. As Marc Morano told the Washington Times[1]

“They are desperately trying to link ‘global warming’ to terrorism or come up with conspiracy theories on how Big Oil interests may be behind the terror attacks,” Mr. Morano said in an email. “The climate activists are now trying to rebrand the U.N. climate summit as some sort of ‘peace summit’ where addressing ‘global warming’ will somehow solve terrorism and civil wars.”

Yes, they are desperate

Why a Climate Deal Is the Best Hope for Peace[2]


All of this is perfectly understandable. When our safety feels threatened, it’s difficult to think of anything else. Major shocks like the Paris attacks are awfully good at changing the subject. But what if we decided to not let it happen? What if, instead of changing the subject, we deepened the discussion of climate change and expanded the range of solutions, which are fundamental for real human security? What if, instead of being pushed aside in the name of war, climate action took center stage as the planet’s best hope for peace?

This nuttiness is written by Jason Box, who I’m not familiar with, and Naomi Klein, who has repeatedly called for doing away with capitalism to combat Hotcoldwetdry. They go on to blame the Syrian conflict on ‘climate change’, saying it is “uncontroversial”, despite many, many, many saying “stop embarrassing yourselves by linking the two.”

If we acknowledge that the instability emanating from the Middle East has these roots, it makes little sense to allow the Paris attacks to minimize our already inadequate climate commitments. Rather, this tragedy should inspire the opposite reaction: an urgent push to lower emissions as rapidly and deeply as possible, including strong support for developing countries to leapfrog to renewable energy, creating much-needed jobs and economic opportunities in the process. That kind of bold climate transition is our only hope of preventing a future in which, as a recent paper in the journal Nature Climate Change put it[3], large areas of the Middle East will, by the end of the century, “experience temperature levels that are intolerable to humans.”

In other words, they want to hijack the Paris climate talks, where tens of thousands of Warmists descend using fossil fueled travel, and pretend that fascistic agreements that will stifle economies will solve the Islamic terrorism problem. Of course, neither author mentions who these terrorists are.

A climate summit taking place against the backdrop of climate-fuelled violence and migration can only be relevant if its central goal is the creation of conditions for lasting peace. That would mean making legally enforceable commitments to leave the vast majority of known fossil-fuel reserves in the ground. It would also mean delivering real financing to developing countries to cope with the impacts of climate change, and recognizing the full rights of climate migrants to move to safer ground. A strong climate-peace agreement would also include a program to plant vast numbers of native-species trees in the Middle East and the Mediterranean, to draw down atmospheric CO2, reduce desertification, and promote cooler and moister climates. Tree planting alone is not enough to lower CO2 to safe levels, but it could help people stay on their land and protect sustainable livelihoods.

Got that? All the terrorism by these un-named terrorists is caused by carbon pollution being above 350ppm, and, as they argued earlier in the missive, it will go away if these “legally enforceable committments” reduce the CO2 levels back below that level. Hey, remember back before around 1990, when CO2 crossed the 350ppm threshold, when there were no wars and no terrorism ever?

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