Polar Bears Lay Siege to Russian Village

Polar Bears Lay Siege to Russian Village

According to liberal propaganda, polar bears are being driven to extinction by the warm weather caused by our stubborn refusal to submit to high energy taxes and a more centrally controlled economy. In reality, their population is on the rise — which may pose a problem:

Aggressive polar bears are holding locals in a Russian village hostage after being drawn to a nearby walrus rookery, leaving residents unable to venture outdoors.

Vegans ought to target polar bears for their outreach programs.

The one tonne predators are thought to have forced hundreds of frightened walruses to jump off 125ft cliffs to their deaths before feasting on the carcasses.

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The surviving walruses have cleared out to escape the threat. Now the village of Ryrkaypiy is under siege by the hungry man-eating beasts. One even tried to get into a house through the window.

If we start seeing stories about polar bears eating kids on their way to school, moonbats will be certain to proclaim that the bears were there first.

On a tip from Bodhisattva. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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