The Polar Vortex Is Going To Get Worse, And It’s Your Fault For Driving A Fossil Fueled Vehicle

Or, maybe it’s because you refuse to spread awareness of ‘climate change’. Or don’t want to give up their money and liberty to government. This is the kind of thing we’re getting from Scientific American these days (which has been moving in the direction of utter politicization, much like Nature)

Dreaded Polar Vortex May Be Shifting

The polar vortex in recent years has brought the kind of miserable cold to northern states that made it hard to breathe outside. We’re probably in for more of the same.

In other words, “winter”. But, there’s no such thing as natural winter in Warmist World

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That’s the finding of a new study published yesterday in the journal Nature that finds that as the Arctic warms, it is shifting the polar vortex to Europe. That in turn will bring more bursts of frigid cold to North America.

Those temperature drops could lead to miserable days in February and March, the research finds. Conversely, those drops in temperature could offset some of global warming’s effect in those regions, said Martyn Chipperfield, professor of atmospheric chemistry at the University of Leeds and a co-author of the paper.

“Climate change can lead to extremes; it’s not like a regular change, everyone to the same extent at all times and places,” he said. “Despite the overall warming, you can get in places like the Northeastern U.S. extreme cold events. That’s consistent with climate change and global warming.”

See? Winter cold and snow and ice and stuff is not unnatural anymore, all because you refuse to give up meat and pay carbon taxes.

Still, don’t expect prolonged periods of cold every winter, Chipperfield said. Climate change increases periods of extreme weather, but that doesn’t mean every winter will bring the effects of the polar vortex, he said.

“You can get regional occurrences of cold temperatures despite what we think is an overall move to a warmer climate,” he said, adding, “Climate change can lead to more extreme events, not just a shift in the average.”

More and more, the yammering from Warmists exposes that this really is a cult, not a scientific endeavor.

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