The REAL explanation for the PINK SNOW phenomenon [VIDEO]

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | June 26, 2016 10:20 am

Dear God… teh stoopid, it burns.[1] Pink snow is now appearing in the Arctic. It is caused from green algae absorbing ultraviolet rays. Climatologists are now claiming that this ‘could be’ a sign of worsening climate change. Give me a freaking break. Pink snow is nothing new. It occurs at high elevations and is a common occurrence from time to time. This type of snow is common during the summer in alpine and coastal polar regions worldwide, such as the Sierra Nevada of California. At altitudes of 10,000 to 12,000 feet, the temperature is cold throughout the year and so the snow has lingered from winter storms. Suddenly, the moonbat leftists are claiming the world is about to end because of it. SMH. And whoever wrote the article at The Christian Post either doesn’t have English as a first language, or they are illiterate.

Pink Snow[2]

From The Christian Post:

Pink snow or “watermelon snow” in the Arctic has started to surface. Though it’s pretty to the eye, experts say its occurrence signals something bad for the environment.

What is Pink Snow?

Pink Snow occurs[3] when green algae absorbs ultraviolet rays, resulting to ice glaciers melting faster. The unusual incident happens[4] in places with high altitude such as the Alps, Arctic and Greenlad. The presence of “watermelon snow” sends an alarming message that climate change could get worse.

Environment experts note that the effects of this phenomenon to the surroundings remain understudied and vague. However, there’s a growing concern[5] that the prevelance of pink snow lessens its albedo effect. Albedo effect is the ability of ice glaciers to reflect sunlight. This means that as the red algae population increase, the lesser sunlight[6] is reflected, resulting to warmer temperatures.

It’s hardly a new or rare phenomenon. The first accounts of watermelon snow are in the writings of Aristotle. Watermelon snow has puzzled mountain climbers, explorers and naturalists for thousands of years, some speculating that it was caused by mineral deposits or oxidation products that were leached from rocks. It is an occurrence that happens in the Spring. That would be now. I don’t know how these idiots can point out to something that is so common and has been happening on this planet from the beginning, and suddenly say it is an impending indicator of climactic doom. What sheer nonsense. These so-called experts are baffling people with bullshit and using big words to engender panic. Just pathetic. You want to know how we are really doomed? The extreme increase in yellow snow.

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