Rubio Hits Chris Cuomo With Facts No Warmist Wants To Admit

Let me point out that I like Marco Rubio. He has good positions on many, many issues. Yes, he’s a bit closer to the get along Republicans in the Senate, but, other than on immigration, he’s a good politician. He’s also great on ‘climate change’

(Newsbusters) When CNN host Chris Cuomo tried to trap Sen. Marco Rubio by asking him to prove he wasn’t a climate change “denier,” Rubio responded with facts no climate alarmist wants to admit about carbon regulations: “it won’t do anything for our environment.”

Attempting to get Rubio to either confess that he didn’t agree with the “consensus” or depart from his conservative supporters on the issue, Cuomo cited a discredited statistic inflating the number of scientists claiming that humans are the cause of climate change. “Why not embrace the science, though? You didn’t speak to that specifically last night. The science to 99 percent of the community is clear, it’s something that’s seen as a future perspective. Why don’t you share it?”

Warmists/Progressives will never give up their talking points, no matter how many times they have be debunked and destroyed. Another example is the “hands up, don’t shoot meme.” They still trot it out. And let’s not forget that science is not infallible. Nor that the consensus was once that the earth was flat. That witches were real. That sacrifices could stop Bad Weather.

Not falling for the obvious trap, Rubio patiently tried to explain the difference between natural climate fluctuations and man-made climate change. “The question you should be asking a policymaker is: what can we do in government to effect the rise of sea levels? And the answer is, ‘oh, pass these laws we want you to pass.’ So I asked the environmentalists and others who are supporting those laws, ‘well, how many inches of feet of sea level rise will that law prevent?’ And there answer is, it won’t prevent any.”

Rubio also pointed out that these climate regulations “will do nothing to affect the environment but will have a direct and immediate impact on our economy. I think that’s a terrible tradeoff.”

He’s correct. All the things the Cult of Climastrology wants to do will have nary an effect on the climate, all while instituting this tax and that tax, increasing the cost of living (which hurts the poor and middle classes, not the big shots who endorse them), and giving Government more and more power over our individual lives and private entities.

I have utter distrust of Rubio when it comes to illegal immigration, but 100% trust for Rubio that he won’t Do Something when it comes to anthropogenic climate change.

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