Shockingly, Liberal News Media Freaks Over Trump Obliterating Obama’s Climate Legacy

Barack Obama has two climate legacies. The first is the passage of rules by unelected bureaucrats which artificially raise the cost of living which hurts the middle and lower classes, plus kills jobs. This, of course, doesn’t hurt rich Obama or all his rich friends and donors.

The other legacy is the guy who used vast amounts of fossil fuels to fundraise, vacation, and play golf. The guy who took multiple private jets to ferry his family on vacation. The guy who kept the White House very warm. The guy who didn’t practice what he preached.

As you well know by now, Trump signed orders Tuesday which will work to wipe away part of the first legacy. I have a suggestion for Mr. Trump

Instead of applying to coal and gas fired power plants, the rules should force certain print, Internet, and broadcast news outlets to reduce their own carbon footprints. Massive fees for the use of paper from trees. Extremely low wattage lightbulbs for studios. Carbon taxes. And so forth. Because, hey, if they want to complain like this

Trump Risks the Planet

That didn’t take long.

Only 10 weeks into his presidency, and at great risk to future generations, Donald Trump has ordered the demolition of most of President Barack Obama’s policies to combat climate change by reducing emissions from fossil fuels.

The assault began with Mr. Trump’s pledge in Detroit to roll back fuel efficiency standards for cars and trucks, continued with a stingy budget plan that would end funding for climate-related scientific programs and reached an unhappy apex Tuesday with an executive order that, among things, would rescind the centerpiece of Mr. Obama’s clean power strategy, a rule that would shut down hundreds of old coal-fired power plants and freeze the construction of new ones.

Why doesn’t the NY Times get all it’s power from solar and wind? They could put solar panels all over the roof, and lead the way. What’s that? Covering the roof in solar panels would barely keep low wattage lights on, much less all the computers, climate control, and refrigerators? Huh.

Trump puts the planet on a dangerous path

UNDER PRESIDENT Barack Obama’s leadership, the world finally began addressing one of the greatest challenges human beings have ever faced, a multi-generational struggle to keep the planet temperate and accommodating to human life. President Trump’s move to rip up Mr. Obama’s climate policies are beyond reckless. Children studying his presidency will ask, “How could anyone have done this?”

(standard Warmist talking points and doomsaying)

The nation had a climate policy. Now it does not. If Mr. Trump has a plan that would significantly cut greenhouse emissions in a smarter way than Mr. Obama’s Clean Power Plan — indeed, a few senior Republican statesmen offered one just a few weeks back — he should propose it. Instead, the president has put the country on a know-nothing path to an endangered planet.

Endangered! From, if Warmist prognostication holds up, a couple degrees rise in average temperature.

Those were from the Editorial Boards of the NY Times and Washington Post, the nation’s two leading newspapers. Boards full of rich people who refuse to live the life they espouse for Everyone Else. I wonder how they would feel if there was a Clean Media Plan? You can bet that, suddenly, forcing the news, and, heck, let’s extend this to the entertainment industry, to pay through the nose would cause caterwauling and lots of crazy logic on why they shouldn’t be targeted.

Then there’s crazy John Podesta

Trump is on a rampage to endanger the planet. Now it’s up to us to save it.

You don’t need to read it. It’s nutty, just like you’d expect, and even includes the childish whine about Hillary getting 3 million more votes (in Democrat held areas). Well, Trump won the only vote count that matters. If Democrat held areas want to burden themselves with rules, taxes, and fees that harm the middle and lower classes, have at it. Rich people like Podesta won’t feel a thing.

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