Snow Is An Indicator Of Global Warming Or Something

Why yes, the Cult of Climastrology is continuing its drumbeat where a warming world creates more snow. Even if true, it still wouldn’t prove anthropogenic causation


For those of you out there who relished on the snow and starting using it as an example of why climate change theories are wrong, you should know that snow is an indicator of global warming. (snip)

The global warming theory dictates that burning fossil fuels lead to a higher concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. These gases, also called greenhouse gasses, attract more heat than others. This leads to a rise of the temperature worldwide. A warmer planets lead to the accelerated melting of the ice caps which can cause severe natural disasters as a very aggressive El Nino phenomenon or a sudden shift in the seasons, much warmer summers and much colder winters. So snow is an indicator of global warming. (snip)

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Snow is an indicator of global warming as much as fever indicates an infection. People who don’t believe in climate change should only take a look at the numbers. 2014 was the hottest summer in history, and then 2015 was the hottest summer in history. A pattern is beginning to form and it doesn’t bring good news.

Again, warming is not proof of anthropogenic causation, especially from the burning of fossil fuels releasing CO2. It just proves warming, which has occurred multiple times through the Holocene, much less throughout the 4.5 billion years the Earth has been around.

Furthermore, by the argument Warmists are making, that would mean that snow would be less prevalent during cool periods, which, of course, is a bunch of mularky. Warmists originally told us that a warming world would see less snowfall. When Mother Nature failed to cooperate with their prognostications via computer models and talking points, they decided to pimp the notion that warming causes cold and snow. Much like with a cult, they blame everything, no matter how contradictory, on their cause.

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