It’s Snowing In South Texas: You Know What That Means, Right?

by William Teach | December 8, 2017 6:40 am


Most people in Texas are enjoying a bit of the white stuff

(CNN[2]) Big and fluffy snowflakes fell across parts of south Texas on Thursday, including San Antonio and Austin.

While snow is common in parts of north Texas, it’s unusual for this region to see snowfall and people shared their delight on social media.

“A Texas Christmas miracle!” one person posted on Twitter.

A Texas Christmas Miracle!!! Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow ❄️????????????[3]

— Adrian Peli Garcia (@AdrianGarciaTX) December 8, 2017[4]

Unusual, but, it happens periodically. But, of course, you know what’s coming, right?

That's the night that the snow came down in Austin. That's the night…climate change

— Jen Jones (@thatjenjones) December 8, 2017[5]

It’s snowing in Austin, TX, it has yet to snow in NYC, and California is burning. But hey, climate change is fake, right? Human actions are fueling rapid climate change. Period. #BecauseScience[6]

— ????Barb???? (@D8N_Barb) December 8, 2017[7]

You get the same thing looking at San Antonio in place of Austin

San Antonio hasn't had snow in 30 years until today and no northeastern state has had snow yet… CLIMATE CHANGE IS REAL THIS IS THE BEGINNING OF THE END

— Katie Bernard (@Hermione_4eva) December 8, 2017[8]

These people.

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