South African Sunny Vacation Spot Welcomes 11 Thousand!

by William Teach | November 28, 2011 8:10 am

Yes, it is that time of the year, where tons of politicians and bureaucrats gather to whine about (Other People) putting out greenhouse gases

Over[1] 11 800 delegates from 194 countries have been registered by home affairs to attend the conference.

That’s quite a few unnecessary airplane trips. Not quite as much as 2009, though, when 40,000 people registered[2]. Fortunately, a website is there to tell us all about how this movement is ….. kinda religious[3]

Of course, the two biggest events will be the Multi-faith Mass Rally and Concert[4] at Kings Park Stadium[5], led by Nobel laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu tomorrow (gates open 10am, music from 12.30pm, seriousness from 14h00), and the march on the Global Day of Action[6], next Saturday Dec 3. (Note that Kings Park Stadium[5] is right behind the more modern Moses Mabhida Stadium).

I wonder if they will be praying to Gaia and Al Gore?

Richard Black of the BBC has outlined some of the other issues[7] likely to be discussed:

EU plans on aviation, “climate aid” and the West’s past CO2 output are set to be divisive at the UN climate summit. India has tabled a paper arguing that the EU’s plan to include international flights in its emissions trading scheme violates the UN climate convention. Meanwhile, technical analysis for a group of developing countries says Western nations have a duty to absorb CO2 over the coming decades. It also says the West is not living up to promises on climate finance.

So, people who just took very long fossil fueled flights to virtually the other end of the Earth are going to discuss people taking unnecessary fossil fueled flights? Do any of the Warmists actually sit back and think about the hypocrisy of the whole thing?

If you are an official COP delegate, and want to hire a city bicycle[8], you can do so for R50 an hour. Since this is approximately four times the cost of daily car hire, this is presumably a novel subsidy to the fossil fuel industry

So, it’s cheaper to drive than bike? Or, perhaps those who rent bikes are smart enough to take you cultists for a ride.

(Via Tom Nelson[9])

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