Study Confirms That CO2 Is Not a Pollutant

by Dave Blount | April 26, 2017 2:11 pm

Possibly the most tyrannical ruling ever issued by the Supreme Court was the 2007 declaration that the emission of carbon dioxide can be regulated by the federal government under the Clean Air Act. This decree potentially subjects literally all human and even animal activity — including breathing — to federal micromanagement through the notoriously autocratic EPA. Joseph Stalin could not have asked for more total control. Meanwhile, scientists remind us that the ruling was based on lies; CO2 is not a pollutant, as a new study confirms:

The study claims to have “proven that it is all but certain that EPA’s basic claim that CO2 is a pollutant is totally false,” according to a press statement put out by Drs. Jim Wallace, John Christy and Joe D’Aleo.

Wallace, Christy and D’Aleo — a statistician, a climatologist and meteorologist, respectively — released a study claiming to invalidate EPA’s 2009 endangerment finding, which allowed the agency to regulate CO2 as a pollutant.

“This research failed to find that the steadily rising atmospheric CO2 concentrations have had a statistically significant impact on any of the 14 temperature data sets that were analyzed,” the authors say in the release for the second edition of their peer-reviewed work.

The authors found that there has been no recent warming that cannot be accounted for by natural factors (solar, volcanic, and oceanic activity).

Even if we can get the EPA’s bogus endangerment finding overturned (until the next Democrat administration restores it), the Supreme Court ruling that preceded it would still stand.

Sustained effort is required to roll back creeping green fascism.

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