Study: Paris Climate Accord Will Cause “Catastrophic Warming”

by William Teach | June 30, 2016 8:17 am

It’s funny how so many Warmist efforts seem to not only fail, but be worse than thought

Paris climate summit put planet on course for ‘catastrophic’ warming despite being seen as success, study finds[1]
While countries agreed to try to limit global warming to a rise of 1.5C, the actions they actually promised could see temperatures go up by twice that amount

The pledges made by countries at the historic Paris agreement on climate change would lead to “completely catastrophic” global warming, scientists have warned.

In a major analysis of 10 different studies into the effect of what world leaders promised to do, researchers calculated that the planet was still on course for a temperature increase of 2.6C to 3.1C by the end of this century.

Their finding was in sharp contrast to the landmark declaration in Paris in November last year that action would be taken to keep the rise to “well below” 2C and try to restrict it to 1.5C.

So, even with all the massive governmental controls that need to be implemented over the entire private sector ti institute the Paris climate accord, with all the new taxes and fees, with all the restrictions on freedom and liberty, it still really fails to do much of anything when it comes to the massive rise of global temperatures that Warmists prognosticate will happen with their shoddy “science”.

Of course, what the study[2] is pushing is for much, much more governmental power, as the authors are hardcore members of the Cult of Climastrology. But, they aren’t wrong that the Paris climate accord will do little to nothing, all while damaging economies, causing hardship for lower and middle class citizens, increase government power, and restricting freedom. All for a possible reduction of just 0.05C[3] by 2100, if fully implemented. Nature will probably do more than that.

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