Study: The Missing Heat Is Not Hiding In The Deep Oceans

by William Teach | June 25, 2015 7:36 am

Another nail in the coffin of the Cult of Climastrology, destroying yet another talking point regarding the Pause

(The Hockey Schtick[1]) A new paper published in Ocean Science Discussions[2] directly contradicts the claim that “90%” of the alleged “missing heat[3]” from anthropogenic global warming has disappeared into the deep oceans below 2000 meters. This was, according to the authors, the favored excuse (out of more than 70 ‘excuses’ at this point[4]) for the “pause” or “hiatus” of global warming over the past 18+ years.

Warming of the deep oceans, however, would cause thermal expansion of the deep oceans and add to sea level rise [called steric sea level rise]. The authors examined several datasets including satellite altimetry, ARGO floats, and the GRACE gravitometer satellites, and find that the thermal expansion of the deep oceans and contribution to sea level rise is “negligible,” and thus, there is no evidence that the alleged “missing heat” “trapped” by greenhouse gases has somehow sunken to the deep oceans. In addition, the “missing heat” is also nowhere to be found in the upper oceans, nor the atmosphere (because in reality it was lost to space as increased outgoing IR radiation[5] over the past 62 years).

The authors find the sea level budget of total sea level rise is “closed” with “negligible” contribution from the deep ocean, thus no warming or thermal expansion from the “missing heat” in the deep ocean can be accounted for:

Of course, actual facts will not stop the CoC, nor will it even force them to move on from this excuse. They will continue to propagate the excuse, as well as all the others, and certainly come up with new ones, in order to protect their political beliefs. And they are political beliefs, not scientific beliefs. The Pause contradicts 95% of the computer models. This is very inconvenient for the CoC in pushing their hardcore Progressive policy prescriptions.

As usual, let’s be clear on an important point: the fight is not on warming, but causation. Warmists proclaim that all the warming is mostly/solely caused by Mankind. Yet, most of their excuses involve natural phenomena. Why can’t those same natural phenomena have caused most of the warming?

Excerpts and a link to the full paper available at The Hockey Schtick.

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