The Goracle’s Last Stand

by Dave Blount | March 1, 2010 12:58 pm

Even as the global warming hoax tumbles in ruins around him, Al Gore has climbed atop the soapbox provided by his fellow leftist ideologues at the New York Times[1] to demand totalitarian restrictions on economic activity in the name of a crisis that clearly does not exist — and to blame America and Fox News for the destruction of the planet that will ensue if we do not obey his decrees. Guard your monitor from flecks of spittle — here he goes:

It would be an enormous relief if the recent attacks on the science of global warming actually indicated that we do not face an unimaginable calamity requiring large-scale, preventive measures to protect human civilization as we know it.

Pushing cartoonish hyperbole past the point of self-parody has made The Goracle an extremely rich moonbat; why should he stop now?

Of course, we would still need to deal with the national security risks of our growing dependence on a global oil market dominated by dwindling reserves in the most unstable region of the world, and the economic risks of sending hundreds of billions of dollars a year overseas in return for that oil.

Thanks, Al, for explaining why we need to stand up to the Sierra Club and the party it owns (yours) and drill our own oil.

But what a burden would be lifted! We would no longer have to worry that our grandchildren would one day look back on us as a criminal generation that had selfishly and blithely ignored clear warnings that their fate was in our hands.

That’s a legitimate concern — provided he’s talking about the deficit. But no, he’s still trying to prop up the imaginary global warming crisis, which allegedly

is still growing because we are continuing to dump 90 million tons of global-warming pollution every 24 hours into the atmosphere — as if it were an open sewer.

Since we’ve been dumping life-sustaining CO2 into the atmosphere as if it were an open sewer for the past century, you’d think it would have gotten warmer in that time. Yet even Prince Albert’s soapbox admits that it has not[2]:

After examining climate data extending back nearly 100 years, a team of Government scientists has concluded that there has been no significant change in average temperatures or rainfall in the United States over that entire period.

But back in The Goracle’s profitable alternate reality, the world is still doomed; naturally, it’s America’s fault.

Because the world still relies on leadership from the United States, the failure by the Senate to pass legislation intended to cap American emissions before the Copenhagen meeting guaranteed that the outcome would fall far short of even the minimum needed to build momentum toward a meaningful solution.

Specifically, it’s the fault of our economic freedom:

The decisive victory of democratic capitalism over communism in the 1990s led to a period of philosophical dominance for market economics worldwide and the illusion of a unipolar world. It also led, in the United States, to a hubristic “bubble” of market fundamentalism that encouraged opponents of regulatory constraints to mount an aggressive effort to [quack quack quack…] the political context in which this debate took form was tilted heavily toward the views of market fundamentalists, who fought to [quack quack quack…]

The planet’s impending doom is also the fault of Fox News:

Simultaneously, changes in America’s political system — including the replacement of newspapers and magazines by television as the dominant medium of communication — conferred powerful advantages on wealthy advocates of unrestrained markets and weakened advocates of legal and regulatory reforms. Some news media organizations now present showmen masquerading as political thinkers who package hatred and divisiveness as entertainment. And as in times past, that has proved to be a potent drug in the veins of the body politic. Their most consistent theme is to label as “socialist” any proposal to reform exploitive behavior in the marketplace.

Showmen masquerading as political thinkers are an awful blight — almost as bad as demagogic conmen posing as scientific thinkers. How dare entertaining figures like Glenn Beck encourage the unwashed masses to read books and think! Now we’ve got peasants who realize that left-wing attempts to destroy the free market system are socialist.

The Goracle transcends the mere greed and lust for power that are his most conspicuous characteristics. There’s no need to await the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, with Al here to redeem the human race. Being a liberal, he will naturally accomplish this through government coercion:

From the standpoint of governance, what is at stake is our ability to use the rule of law as an instrument of human redemption.

There’s only one thought more horrifying than this messianic moonbat almost having become president: what we have now isn’t any better.

At least Prince Albert was named right. As noted at the Wolf Files[3], algor mortis[4] means “The cooling of the body that follows death.” Right now we’re experiencing algor mundus, the cooling of the world that follows the complete collapse of the global warming hoax.

the goracle
The Goracle promises redemption through coercion.

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