The Miskolczi Constant

by Dave Blount | January 13, 2010 11:54 am

Have it your way, Prince Albert: the science is settled — and according to science, CO2 is irrelevant to the earth’s climate[1]:

For years now, we have been told that science is dedicatedly attempting to find out how the Earth’s Climate works. With all possible seriousness, the most publically vocal of these scientists, those working for the UN’s IPCC[2] (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), have for the last several years blamed the warming they “found” on Carbon Dioxide. With the release of the CRU[3] (Climatic Research Unit, University of East Anglia) email database[4], it is very clearly apparent that the scientists involved with the IPCC were doctoring data to give a specific result. That result was designed to look as if CO2 was causing climate change, warming the earth due to Human activities. It can be reported now that this theory has been solidly disproven by Dr. Ferenc Miskolczi and Dr. Miskolczi’s work will make history.

Just as speed is limited by a constant — the speed of light — the greenhouse effect is limited by Miskolczi’s Constant. Otherwise, the 333 million cubic miles of water on the planet would be quite a bit more of a problem than the trace amounts of CO2 produced by human activity, as water vapor is far and away the dominant greenhouse gas.

Climate scientist Dr. Miklos Zagoni explains:

Since the Earth’s atmosphere is not lacking in greenhouse gases [water vapor], if the system could have increased its surface temperature it would have done so long before our emissions. It need not have waited for us to add CO2: another greenhouse gas, H2O, was already to hand in practically unlimited reservoirs in the oceans. …

Earth type planetary atmospheres, having partial cloud cover and sufficient reservoir of water, maintain an energetically uniquely determined, constant, maximized greenhouse effect that cannot be increased further by emissions. The greenhouse temperature must fluctuate around this theoretical equilibrium constant; [change] is possible only if the incoming available energy changes.

In other words, global warming is caused by the big bright thing I often notice hanging in the sky during the daytime.

But that’s no reason not to deliberately throw the economy of Western nations into a depression, so long as it serves Social Justice by impoverishing the industrious and allows the champagne-guzzling liberal elite to see to it that we little people live in harmony with delta smelts and polar bears.

The left’s rebuttal to Miskolczi’s Constant.

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