This Year’s Hilarious Earth Hour Theme: “I Will If You Will”

You truly have to love Warmists: first they’re taking a whopping one hour out of their lives to supposedly turn all their lights off (but they are forgetting about all the vampire power, and should unplug everything) and pretend they live in North Korea. Then there is this year’s theme, which I have been dying to post for weeks

(ChannelNewsAsia) This year’s theme for Earth Hour that happens on Saturday at 8.30pm is “I Will If You Will”, a challenge-based platform that encourages people to go ‘beyond the hour’ to preserve and protect the planet.

Even as malls, government offices and corporations pull the plug on all but essential lights in support of the annual event to raise awareness of climate change, some companies have taken steps to make a change for more than 60 minutes and much earlier, too.

Singapore country CEO of Credit Suisse, Mr Lito Camacho, issued a challenge to his 5,000 staff a fortnight earlier, pledging to plant 100 trees if staff commit to reduce their carbon footprint, by 500,000 kilograms (kg) of carbon dioxide by end of the year.

Any notion of leading by example has gone completely out the window, not that most Warmists actually do anything of consequence in the first place within their own lives. Now they’re throwing out double dog dares to get others to Do Something. Considering they are spending one hour out of 8760 on a night and a time when it doesn’t really matter, that’s not that much of a sacrifice.

Looks like they will have to miss part of the Kansas v. Ohio State Final Four game tonight.

Here’s a favorite headline for Climahysteric Hour: “SPC: Our Planet, Our Time – Earth Hour 2012 TONIGHT.” Our planet, eh? Glad climahypocrites devote (maybe) one hour a year.

Earth Hour — it’s the best thing since sliced bread

Earth Hour is yet another way for the disconnected, self-absorbed masses to pretend they’re involved in an issue.

I have written previously on this issue (oddly, that was also a March 31st) and in that discussion observed that the likely cost to the environment to produce candles, t-shirts and all other manner of supporters’ paraphernalia was far in excess of the gains achieved by turning off a couple of light bulbs (but not the TV — how else will they know what everyone else is doing?).

Read the rest.

Anthony Watts highlights some screwy thinking for Earth Hour.

Michelle Malkin highlights some eco-scams.

And don’t forget that today is also “Human Achievement Day“.

As millions of people sit in the dark during Earth Hour to call for action against climate change this weekend, a libertarian think tank wants you to fight the power by keeping the lights on.

The Competitive Enterprise Institute plans to commemorate Earth Hour 2012 with its “Human Achievement Hour,” 60 minutes to gather with friends in a heated home, watch television and surf the Internet instead of dimming or shutting off the lights altogether to draw attention to climate change.

Personally, I’m not a big fan: there’s nothing wrong with saving energy, which saves you money. But, I can understand the point of this counterprotest, mainly to highlight the stupidity of the Warmists who think of energy for 1 hour a year.

Finally, for all you chumps who plan on lighting candles tonight

Most candles are made of paraffin, a heavy hydrocarbon derived from crude oil. Burning a paraffin candle for one hour will release about 10 grams of carbon dioxide.

As Australian blogger Enoch the Red pointed out after last year’s Earth Hour that an average Australian who tries to replace all the light produced by an incandescent bulb with light cast by parrifin candles will result in about 10 times the greenhouse emissions.


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