Could Trump Be The Best Thing Ever For ‘Climate Change’?

by William Teach | November 19, 2016 7:50 am


This could be one of the best “bargaining” type posts from a Warmist upset that Trump was elected president

Trump: The best thing ever for climate change?[2]

(lots of whining about Trump)

But there is another school of thought that says that a Trump presidency could actually aid the fight against climate change.

The Paris agreement became part of international law in super-quick time, mainly because countries were aware of Mr Trump’s threats to wreck the deal.

“His negative impact is as overblown as his haircut,” said Joe Ware from Christian Aid.

“He’s already generated the fastest coming into force of any treaty with the ratification of the Paris treaty in record time.”

Of course, it’s not a treaty. There is no force of actual law behind it, as Obama demanded that it be written so he could avoid the need to have it ratified by the duly elected Lawmakers as written in the US Constitution.

The spirit of unity is also likely to be felt in the US if the new president makes good on his promises to boost coal exports and allow the extraction of oil and gas on Federal lands.

Environmental movements are already reporting an increase in membership enquiries.

But, these wankers mostly do nothing in their own lives, they just demand Everyone Else/Other People be forced to comply with what the wankers want.

If President Trump revives the Keystone pipeline, he could galvanise a new generation of climate activists.

Again, what they mostly do is spread awareness, then jump in their fossil fueled vehicles to head for a latte’ while patting themselves on the back.

“Young people in the US know well that it is ridiculous to be denying climate,” said former Irish president and UN climate envoy Mary Robinson.

Perhaps, but they also let opinions and words drive them into safe spaces full of coloring books and play do. That’s not adult behavior, as if it needs to be said.

One of Mr Trump’s most prominent campaign promises has been on revitalising America’s infrastructure.

This is an issue on which he might garner much political support.

City mayors and other authorities are likely to want to see some of that cash spent on green measures like energy efficiency in offices, homes and buildings.

In other words, rather than fixing the roads and bridges like Liberals whine about, they’ll piss away the money on Stupid. There’s nothing wrong with energy efficiency (I bet conservatives are better at energy saving than liberals), but, let the private businesses spend their own money on it.

“Energy efficiency is the silver bullet for a lot of our problems with climate change and energy poverty,” said Joe Ware.

If that’s the case, then why the need to only spend taxpayer money on it? Pony up, Warmists. Spend you own money. Unless this isn’t really about the climate?

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