Trump Contradicts “Settled Science” On Climate Change Or Something

by William Teach | December 12, 2016 7:22 am


The media members of the Cult of Climastrology are Outraged!

Contradicting settled science, Donald Trump says “nobody really knows” on climate change[2]

Donald Trump said again on Sunday that he is “open-minded” about climate change — but also that “nobody really knows” the truth about the issue, which contradicts the fact that there is near-universal scientific agreement[3] on the issue.

In an interview with “Fox News Sunday,” moderator Chris Wallace pointed out to Mr. Trump  that in the space of a week he bothmet with former Vice President Al Gore[4] and appointed Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt[5], a climate change denier who has opposed many environmental regulations, to head the Environmental Protection Agency. Where, Wallace asked, does Mr. Trump stands on climate change?

“I’m very open-minded. I’m still open-minded,” he said. “Nobody really knows.”

However, there is a near-universal scientific consensus that climate change is a real phenomenon — despite continued opposition to the notion among primarily Republican politicians[6]. NASA’s website on climate change, for example, notes that approximately 97 percent of publishing climate scientists agree that human activities are very likely responsible for rising temperatures.

I’ll mention again, the NASA webpage relies on the utterly discredited and debunked Cook at al paper, which relies on cherry picking a small number of Believer papers, with the vast majority, like in the upper 90% range, either taking no stance or not deeming that the current warm period is mostly/solely caused by human activity.

Is it settled science if 95% of the models are wrong[7]? Is it settled science when they make a prognostication that fails to materialize? It was settled science that the world was flat, that the sun revolved around the Earth, that vaccines caused autism, that there would be a “population bomb,” Einstein’s static universe, Martian canals, the expanding Earth, and so much more. We’re told that some things are settled, then bamm!, people do more science and things change.

This whole thing just exposes how much the “science” of anthropogenic climate change revolves around everything but science. It’s a cult. It’s politics.

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