Warmist Want You To “Connect The Dots”

by William Teach | May 4, 2012 7:46 am

Because any slight change in day to day weather obviously means we’re all doooooooooomed! So says hyper-warmist Bill McKibben

(Grist[1]) The Williams River was so languid and lovely last Saturday morning that it was almost impossible to imagine the violence with which it must have been running on Aug. 28, 2011. And yet the evidence was all around: sand piled high on its banks, trees still scattered as if by a giant’s fist, and most obvious of all, a utilitarian temporary bridge where for 140 years a graceful covered bridge had spanned the water.

Floods never happened when CO2 was below 350ppm. It goes up when people fly/drive from Vermont to Washington D.C. in order to be arrested while protesting the Keystone XL pipeline. Like McKibben.

Which is what we must do. As long as this remains one abstract problem in the long list of problems, we’ll never get to it. There will always be something going on each day that’s more important, including, if you’re facing flood or drought, the immediate danger.

If only there was something that Warmists could do within their own lives, like not taking fossil fueled trips to get arrested while protesting.

But in reality, climate change is actually the biggest thing that’s going on every single day. If we could only see that pattern we’d have a fighting chance. It’s like one of those trompe l’oeil puzzles[2] where you can only catch sight of the real picture by holding it a certain way. So this weekend we’ll be doing our best to hold our planet a certain way so that the most essential pattern is evident. At 350.org[3], we’re organizing a global day of action that’s all about dot-connecting; in fact, you can follow the action at climatedots.org[4].

Finally, Warmists are going to use this day of action to change their own lives.

In Portland, Ore., city dwellers will hold an umbrella-decorating party to commemorate March’s record rains. In Bandelier, N.M., firefighters in full uniform will remember last year’s record forest fires and unveil the new solar panels on their fire station. In Miami, Manhattan, and Maui, citizens will line streets that scientists say will eventually be underwater. In the high Sierra, on one of the glaciers steadily melting away, protesters will unveil a giant banner with just two words, a quote from that classic of western children’s literature, The Wizard of Oz. “I’m Melting,” it will say, in letters three stories high.

Or not. McKibben provides multiple paragraphs highlight more of the tired “spreading awareness.” Why should anyone believe their mule fritters if they will never take action themselves?

It’s sunny here in Raleigh, with a 30% chance of rain later. Obviously, that’s because I drove an SUV to work. It was never hot/cold/wet/dry before 350ppm.

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