Warmists Are Very Concerned That Their Cult Could Be Dying Out

Of course, rather than blaming their unhinged, cult-like movement, which is short on actual science and long on looking into crystal balls, they blame….

(Daily Caller) Environmentalists believe the climate change movement is losing political muscle and getting clobbered during elections by “a well-funded denial machine.”

“We have regressed to a bar so low that it’s practically touching the ground,” climate activist Chloe Maxmin wrote Monday in The Nation.

And part of the reason for the low bar, according to Maxmin, is that Republicans and climate skeptics are making headway in their attempts to sway public opinion on global warming. She chalked up the climate movement’s pitfalls to a lack of organization and the inability to deal with ridicule global warming.

I’d personally love to be getting some of that sweet, sweet, denial cash. I’m sure that most who blog about ‘climate change’ would love some, as well. Alas, it doesn’t pay, it’s just a passion. In my case, a passion against the forces of the authoritarian/fascistic forces of the Left.

Seriously, though, organization? Warmists have huge corporations and large moneyed interests, Hollywood figures (who’re climahypocrites), Democrats, and governments behind them. They get the money.

What they don’t have is the science. They don’t have the facts. They are utterly humorless, and are nasty. And hypocrites. Many take umbrage with my constant refrain about Warmists not practicing what they preach, but, that matters. When people look at an issue and see those who pushing it being utter hypocrites, it’s hard to take those people seriously as being truly concerned. If you’re overweight doctor is telling you to eat better and lose weight, do you listen?

If your mechanic tells you to take better care of your car, and they’re driving an old beater with a bad transmission, do you listen?

If someone who smokes tells you to stop smoking between hacking coughs, do you listen?

President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are not helping matters, Maxmin believes, mostly because they make favorable comments about fracking. The former secretary of state also appears to use climate change talk as a weapon against Republicans, she wrote, rather than something that has placed earth on “the brink of irreversible catastrophe.”

Your average citizen tends to tune out prognostications of doom and gloom, especially when they are far flung, and all their other prognostications have failed.

She pointed to evidence showing that environmental policies made up a total of 14 minutes and three seconds during presidential debates in 2000, and only 5 minutes and 14 seconds in 2004. The number of mentions about climate change policies nosedived in 2012. Talk of global warming simply does draw the kind of attention that it did in previous elections.

Because, really, ‘climate change’ is a minor issue which ranks low on lists of concerns.

A YouGov poll of 18,000 people in 17 countries in February found that less than 10 percent of Americans rank global warming as their biggest concern. Only Saudi Arabians were less concerned about global warming at 5.7 percent.

Another poll conducted in November by Fox News found only 3 percent of Americans list global warming as their top concern. The Fox News poll came out just before Obama met with world leaders in Paris to discuss an agreement to reduce worldwide carbon emissions.

Bread and butter issues will always move people, while a nebulous issue pushed by hypocrites, which seems to revolve around increasing taxes, causing people’s cost of living to rise dramatically, restricting modern conveniences, and restricting freedom and liberty, while giving government more and more power, all with junk science as its basis, is an eventual loser.

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