Warmists Desperately Want Active End To Hurricane Season

by William Teach | September 23, 2013 8:44 am

Barring that, they’ll simply make up excuses for why landfalling hurricane activity[1] has fallen like a stone since the start of the 2006 season

(NOLA[2]) The 2013 Atlantic hurricane season[3] was kicked off with dire warnings from the National Hurricane Center[4] and Colorado State University climatologists[5] Philip Klotzbach[6] and William Gray[7] that there would be an above average number of hurricanes and severe hurricanes.

With the season just over the Sept. 10 halfway point – often viewed as the most active period – the number of cyclones that have grown big enough to earn names is on track to meet the named-storm predictions. But the number of hurricanes and the number of intense hurricane activity days have lagged well behind, according to forecasters with National Hurricane Center.

So far, there have only been nine named storms, only 2 of which made it to minor hurricane status. The prediction was for 13-19 named storms, with 6-9 being hurricanes, 3-5 being major. Since 2008 there has only been one U.S. landfalling hurricane, and it can be argued that Issac was just below hurricane status at landfall. The last major hurricane was Wilma in 2005. Where nine days away from it being 3000 days since Wilma.

But Feltgen warned against thinking that this year’s Atlantic hurricane season is over.

“Think of the season as having just passed halftime,” he said. “A lot can happen in the second half, and be very different than the first half.”

Warmists really, really, really want to see some hurricanes in order to continue to push their cult, namely that hurricanes are now caused by you driving your fossil fueled vehicle. Let’s not forget that they were predicting that 2005 would be the “new normal”.

So what’s blocking the formation of hurricanes this year?

Feltgen said center forecasters blame an unusual weather pattern where dry, stable air, sometimes accompanied by dust from the Sahara region of Africa, has been sinking in the central and eastern tropical Atlantic Ocean.

You can bet that Warmists are huddled together with cases of Red Bull attempting to come up with some way to blame this lack of activity to human induced “climate change”.

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