Warmists Reject Satellite Data Because It Won’t Comply With Their Ideology

According to global warming theory, temperatures should climb dramatically higher as the levels of harmless carbon dioxide in the atmosphere rise. However, satellite measurements confirm that 2015 was not the hottest on record, as warmist ideologues have claimed:

Satellite temperature data measuring Earth’s lower atmosphere shows that 2015 only ranks as the third-warmest year on record, and not the warmest year as predicted by scientists relying on weather station data.

Climate scientists with the University of Alabama, Huntsville reported Tuesday the temperature anomaly for December 2015 was 0.44 degrees Celsius above the 1981 to 2010 average, fueled by an El Nino warming event. UAH scientist Dr. Roy Spencer posted on his blog that this “makes 2015 the third warmest year globally (+0.27 deg C) in the satellite record (since 1979).”

Spencer noted 1998 was still the warmest year on record…

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Astute readers will note that it was a warm year due to El Nino, not the failure of leftists to seize centralized control of the world economy; that the record doesn’t go back very far, so being third warmest is no big deal; and that there has been no warming since 1998, in radical contrast to the models used to prop up global warming theory.

Corrupted by government money and political considerations, some climate “scientists” have reacted to these revelations by blaming the satellites:

The climate alarmists have come up with a brilliant new excuse to explain why there has been no “global warming” for nearly 19 years.

Turns out the satellite data is lying.

And to prove it they’ve come up with a glossy new video starring such entirely trustworthy and not at all biased climate experts as Michael “Hockey Stick” Mann, Kevin “Travesty” Trenberth and Ben Santer. (All of these paragons of scientific rectitude feature heavily in the Climategate emails) …

Sundry “experts”, adopting a tone of “more in sorrow than anger” gently express their reservations about the reliability of the satellite data which, right up until the release of this video, has generally been accepted as the most accurate gauge of global temperatures.

This accuracy was acknowledged 25 years ago by NASA, which said that “satellite analysis of the upper atmosphere is more accurate, and should be adopted as the standard way to monitor temperature change.”

The satellite data has been independently confirmed by data from balloons, proving that the balloons too are heretical climate deniers. So let’s go with the surface temperatures measured in urban parking lots, so long as the numbers are more politically correct.

Recalcitrant satellites and balloons refuse to comply with the models.

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