Warmists Starting The “Climate Criminals Project”

by William Teach | September 28, 2012 7:49 am

A lunatic at AmericaBlog[1] (the same blog, but different lunatic, recently seen making wild and inaccurate claims[2] about John Hawkins) has come up with a wild new idea

This falls under the heading of “wouldn’t it be nice.” I think the proposal below, if executed, would add considerable muscle to the existing (and frustrated) climate crisis movement.

I’m calling this proposal the “Climate Criminals” project – a label for the five-pronged approach to a climate solution that I’ve been writing about – for example here:

Solving the climate crisis – Goals, targets and tactics (a summary)[3]

I won’t detail the project’s tactics yet – this piece is already long enough – but I do want to identify the targets of those tactics, show how those targets would be approached, and set up the next few posts in this series.

As far as those tactics go, you know what the lunatic, Gaius Publius, says doesn’t work?

Personal behavior change – individual action – is not enough. That discussion is here[4]. The bottom line, even if you went totally green, you’d have to get power from somewhere. And that “somewhere” is under political control, not personal control. Behavior change is critical, but not enough.

Of course not. Warmists practicing what they preach is never the solution for Warmists. Why? Because it’s hard to live the CO2 neutral lifestyle and give up all modern trappings.

The problem – Humans continue to put carbon into the air. What’s already there is too much.

Alas, Warmists cannot even put it in scientific terms at the most basic talking points. It’s Carbon Dioxide. Carbon is something different. In fact, our bodies are carbon based. Life on earth is carbon based.

The solution – Put the carbon industry out of business. Completely.

So, put all life on earth out of business? Yes, yes, the lunatic is writing in Warmist, and is really discussing CO2. If you want to put the CO2 business out of business, well, that means living like it’s the middle ages or earlier.

The Climate Criminals five-pronged approach is a plan for a cadre-led movement to:

In others, fascism, stalking, harassment, violations of Constitutional rights, and….hey, wasn’t Sarah Palin demonized over her “targeting?” Will the lunatic take responsibility when “carbon criminals” are assaulted?

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