Warmists Are Suddenly Super Enthused By Federalism When It Comes To Paris Climate Agreement

Warmists Are Suddenly Super Enthused By Federalism When It Comes To Paris Climate Agreement

Leftists have long been annoyed by the notion of the 10th Amendment, which states “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.” They would prefer that all powers go to the federal government, rather than the states and the People. Except when it interferes with their Progressive notions, then they’re all for pushing their own Rights. Which is what we’re seeing in the aftermath of Trump being elected, and since he announced he’s done with the Paris Climate Agreement

Oregon Will Join Climate Change Coalition To Meet Paris Goals

Gov. Kate Brown said Friday she is confident that Oregon and other progressive states can still meet the Paris climate goals for the U.S. — despite President Donald Trump’s decision to pull the country out of the international accord.

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The Democratic governor told the City Club of Portland that Oregon will join a coalition of states led by California, Washington and New York working to reduce carbon emissions.

The new coalition was quickly announced after Trump held a White House ceremony Thursday to announce that he would begin the process of pulling out of the 195-nation accord. The president said the accord could hurt the U.S. economy, and he said he would seek to negotiate a better deal.

Brown told reporters after her talk that states representing a significant share of the country’s population and economic activity are ready to step up in the place of the federal government. And she said she was “absolutely” confident they could meet the climate goals laid out in the accord.

Again, they are more than welcome to do this. This is part of what makes up States’ Rights. Not too give a civics lesson, but, there’s a reason they are called states. The original 13 colonies were essentially the size of most Old Europe nations, and what do we call the leader of a nation? Head of State. Chief of State. They’re arrive on a state visit. We have the State Department. Countries are often referred to as nation-states. The federal government was supposed to bind us together, but, never be as strong as it is. State, county, and local governments were meant to be the primary government in people’s lives, as they would be more responsive. I’ll give it a rest there.

So, let them do this. We can laugh at them as their economies are damaged, but, there is one big question none of the state and city leaders are failing to answer: what about all the money involved in the Paris agreement? All that taxpayer money that Obama promised to redistribute? Will these same Warmists pony up the money, as well? Paris wasn’t just about reducing carbon footprints.

Let’s see these states and cities pony up their own money and give it to the United Nations to spread around to “developing nations” and 3rd world dictators. The citizens won’t mind that, right? Because this is really the Number 1 thing in the Paris Agreement.

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