Warmists Sue Trump Admin Over Failure To Enforce Costly Household Appliance Rule

The Cult of Climastrology really, really wants to raise the cost of all your home appliances in order to stop the extinction of all life on Earth or something

(Daily Caller) Environmentalists and a coalition of Democratic-led states sued the Trump administration Tuesday for delaying Energy Department energy efficiency regulations on common appliances.

The Trump administration failed to implement the appliance regulations on time, according to the suits, which are part of a broader effort to block White House efforts to roll back Obama-era regulations. The Obama administration finalized the efficiency rules as part of its “Climate Action Plan.”

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“These delays are not only baffling, they’re unnecessary and illegal,” Kit Kennedy with the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) said in a statement about the lawsuit.

NRDC and other environmentalists joined 11 Democratic-led states and New York City in suing the Trump administration. Eleven states, led by New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, also sued the Trump administration in April over delaying the energy efficiency rules, saying that rules would yield “net savings to consumers and businesses of approximately $23.8 billion.”

The rules were supposedly finalized by Obama’s Energy Department, but weren’t immediately published in the Federal Register, and Trump’s DOE never bothered publishing them, either. The rules themselves would be burdensome and costly, and due virtually nothing to stop anthropogenic climate change (mostly because ACC is pretty much false to start with).

Aside from increased appliance prices, critics argue that the promised energy savings don’t always materialize. DOE’s ceiling fan rule is expected to cost $4.4 billion, according to regulatory estimates. Even the plaintiffs suing Trump don’t have consistent estimates of benefits from the rules.

That rule would raise the cost of ceiling fans (and shows just how insane the intrusion of the federal government’s tentacles into everything has gotten). Sure, you might save a little or break even after 30 years, but, they don’t typically last 30 years, do they? Nor would you usually use them for 30 years, as most people do not stay in the same home for that length of time.

That applies to so many of the appliances they’re trying to regulate. You don’t keep them that long. And all these rules were rushed into play after Trump had already won the election.

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