Warmists Totally Enthused To Deny Cheap Power To World’s Poor

by William Teach | November 8, 2015 7:23 am

When it comes to ‘climate change’, as in the tiny 1.4 degree Fahrenheit increase in global temperatures since 1850 being mostly/solely caused by Mankind’s output of greenhouse gases, especially carbon dioxide (CO2), what Warmists call “carbon pollution”, this is a movement that is mostly ensconced within 1st World left leaning citizens, along with 2nd and 3rd world big-shots, all of who already have access to inexpensive, reliable energy. Nowhere within the Cult of Climastrology is the notion to deny the world’s poor the same access more prevelnt than within the mostly Caucasian 1st world Warmists. Seems rather racist. Here we have Annie Gowen, the Washington Post’s New Delhi bureau chief, and about as lilly white as one could get

India’s huge need for electricity is a problem for the planet[1]
POWER PLAY | Cheap electricity, a changing climate This is part of a series exploring how the world’s hunger for cheap electricity is complicating efforts to combat climate change.

Got that? Cheap, reliable electricity is a problem, nowhere more so than for India’s poor.

Of the world’s 1.3 billion people who live without access to power, a quarter — about 300 million — live in rural India in states such as Bihar. Nighttime satellite images of the sprawling subcontinent show the story: Vast swaths of the country still lie in darkness.

India, the third-largest emitter of greenhouses gases after China and the United States, has taken steps to address climate change in advance of the global talks in Paris this year — pledging a steep increase in renewable energy by 2030.

But India’s leaders say that the huge challenge of extending electric service to its citizens means a hard reality — that the country must continue to increase its fossil fuel consumption, at least in the near term, on a path that could mean a threefold increase in greenhouse-gas emissions by 2030, according to some estimates.

There’s an obvious answer: nuclear power. But, the hardcore Left is against the use of nuclear because, well, really irrational, uninformed and exaggerated[2] reasons. Of course, they are super enthused over the idea of alternatives, which aren’t cheap, but so often stop the construction of actual solar, wind, and hydrothermal power plants.

Also, natural gas, which provides enormous power output for low cost without despoiling the surrounding region? Warmists aren’t happy with that, either. Well, at least not for Other People, especially poor non-white people in other countries.

Although 300 million Indians have no access to power, millions more in the country of 1.2 billion people live with spotty supplies of electricity from the country’s unreliable power grid. The grid failed spectacularly in 2012, plunging more than 600 million people into total blackout.

In the country’s high-tech capital of Bangalore, for example, residents have recently had to endure hours of power outages each day after repairs and a bad monsoon season prevented the state’s hydro­electric and wind power plants from generating enough electricity.

Shocking! Alternatives failing!

Led by Modi, an early proponent of solar technology, India is in the midst of a huge drive to expand its solar and wind capacity, with plans for dozens of mega-parks that the government hopes will move the country closer to its goal of 100 gigawatts of solar-generating capacity by 2022, plus 75 gigawatts of other renewable energy, predominantly wind. The government wants to expand its hydroelectric and nuclear power capacity as well.

They also plan to double their use of coal. But, hey, this is all a problem for people who have nothing better to worry about but tiny changes in the global temperature, entirely consistent with the Holocene pattern of warm and cool periods. It all seems very racist and shows a profound hatred for the poor of the world, for people Liberals see as inferior.

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