Warmists Trot Out Old Santa Painting To Prop Up Globull Warming

Here’s from Warmist David Doniger at the National Resource Defense Council

Smithsonian Magazine has posted some unusual portraits of jolly Saint Nick and asked readers to vote for the Scariest Santa. Here’s my choice:

It’s a 1939 Christmas card from a Hungarian-born American artist named Ralph Fabri. Surely penned against the turmoil of World War II, today it calls to mind the grave dangers of runaway global warming.

Warmists really cannot help themselves, using this old painting to prop up their dying religion, because atmospheric CO2 higher than 350ppm might cause the world to burn. Just like when it was well over 1000ppm during the reign of the dinosaurs, and tiny mammals chowed down on baked T Rex…..what’s that? The temperatures didn’t correlate to the atmospheric CO2? That’s weird.

Of course, Doniger is blaming every weather event of the past year on “climate change”, because weather never happened before. And drones on for the need to kill power plants because of CO2, make cars less safe to conform to “green” initiatives, and save the world from weather events. Yet, the Warmists still cannot scientifically say that the warming during this time period is caused mostly or solely by Mankind. So, instead, they have to attempt to scare people, and co-opt paintings above and try and ruin Christmas.

Some electroshock therapy may be necessary.

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