Washington Post Very Concerned About A Potential Government Wide Questioning Of “Climate Science” Or Something

Washington Post Very Concerned About A Potential Government Wide Questioning Of “Climate Science” Or Something

This Washington Post article is less about ‘climate change’ than about shoddy journalism using zero named sources – they’re all anonymous – to have a conniption fit about the government questioning the “consensus” of climate science. But, hey, wait till we get the money quote

EPA chief pushing governmentwide effort to question climate change science

The Trump administration is debating whether to launch a governmentwide effort to question the science of climate change, an effort that critics say is an attempt to undermine the long-established consensus human activity is fueling the Earth’s rising temperatures.

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The move, driven by Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt, has sparked a debate among top Trump administration officials over whether to pursue such a strategy.

A senior White House official, who asked for anonymity because no final decision has been made, said that while Pruitt has expressed interest in the idea, “there are no formal plans within the administration to do anything about it at this time.”

Consensus is not science, and the senior official is probably a cook for all we know.

But officials are discussing whether the initiative would stretch across numerous federal agencies that rely on such science, according to multiple Trump administration officials, all of whom spoke on condition of anonymity because no formal announcement has been made.

Energy Secretary Rick Perry, who once described the science behind human-caused climate change as a “contrived phony mess,” also is involved in the effort, two officials said.

Writers Juliet Eilperin and Brady Dennis throw in a few names in an attempt to make this all look legitimate, instead of a whisper campaign and journalism that looks more like something from a conspiracy theory website. We’ve already seen the huge number of articles that have turned out to be false or wrong. How do we trust something based 100% on anonymous sources?

Here’s the money quote

The idea, according to one senior administration official, is “to get other federal agencies involved in this exercise on the state of climate science” to examine “what we know, where there are holes, and what we actually don’t know.”

OH MY GOD!!!!!! They might do a scientific investigation into what we do and don’t know!!!!!!! Science doesn’t work this way!!!! Science is all about declaring a belief, manufacturing data to support it, and then saying the science is settled!!!! Don’t these people know that that is the Scientific Method? That science is never questioned? We’re doooooooomed!!!!! Because consensus science has never been proven wrong!!!!

A plethora of scientific assessments over the years have concluded that human activity — such as the burning of fossil fuels — is driving climate change, and it poses grave risks both to the environment and to human health. In its most recent report, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change concluded that it is “extremely likely” that, since the 1950s, humans and their greenhouse gas emissions have been the “dominant cause” of the planet’s warming trend.

And a plethora of assessments have stated that human activity is not the dominant cause. Everyone knew that frogs gave you warts, until someone did Science. Everyone knew that world was flat, until someone questioned the science. Cracking your knuckles doesn’t give you arthritis. Lightning does strike twice. Even Einstein has had his theories questioned, and even superceded. And Newtonian Gravity? Yes, that was questioned, and superceded by general relativity.

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