Washington Post Pimping Doom By Ocean Circulation Meme Again

by William Teach | January 5, 2017 7:52 am

Obama Climate[1]

The Cult of Climastrology has previously attempted to push the “we’re all doomed because the Atlantic circulation might possibly maybe we think shut down” meme before, and, like any good Warmist meme, no matter how silly or false, they won’t give up, and will trot it out every once in a while

Scientists say the global ocean circulation may be more vulnerable to shutdown than we thought[2]

Intense future climate change could have a far different impact on the world than current models predict, suggests a thought-provoking new study[3] just out in the journal Science Advances. If atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations were to double in the future, it finds, a major ocean current — one that helps regulate climate and weather patterns all over the world — could collapse. And that could paint a very different picture of the future than what we’ve assumed so far.

Intense! If! Could!

The Atlantic meridional overturning circulation, or AMOC, is often described as a large oceanic conveyor belt. It’s a system of water currents that transports warm water northward from the Atlantic toward the Arctic, contributing to the mild climate conditions found in places like Western Europe. In the Northern Atlantic, the northward flowing surface water eventually cools and sinks down toward the bottom of the ocean, and another current brings that cooler water back down south again. The whole process is part of a much larger system of overturning currents that circulates all over the world, from pole to pole.

But some scientists have begun to worry that the AMOC isn’t accurately represented in current climate models. They say that many models portray the current as being more stable than real-life observations suggest it actually is. Recent studies have suggested that the AMOC is weakening, although there’s some scientific debate[4] about how much of this has been caused by human activities and how much by natural variations.

Yeah, those models which have so far had a 95% failure rate.

The differences were striking. In the uncorrected climate model, the AMOC weakens for a while, but eventually recovers. In the corrected model, however, the AMOC continues to weaken and after 300 years, it collapses altogether. (snip)

“There is a critical point when this becomes an unstoppable vicious circle,” Rahmstorf wrote. “This is one of the classic tipping points in the climate system.”

Doom! Or so we’ve been told for 25 years of tipping points.

Liu also cautioned that certain aspects of the experiment can’t exactly be considered realistic — for instance, instantaneously doubling the atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration. Current climate efforts are aimed at keeping us from ever getting to such a point — but even if we did, the process would happen gradually, not overnight. So the model’s outcome might have been different if the researchers had adopted a more realistic scenario.

You don’t say. A more realistic scenario, like, this is all a bunch of hooey to generate funding through scaring idiot politicians.

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