We’re Saved: Ben & Jerry’s Comes Out With Climate Change Ice Cream

Nothing says “save our climate!!!!!” like coming up with a new ice cream flavor that will be distributed using fossil fueled vehicles and kept frozen using climate killing refrigerants in stores that use vast sums of electricity

(Takepart) Known for its punny titles and imaginative ingredients, ice-cream innovator Ben & Jerry’shas added a taste of politics to its newest flavor, Save Our Swirled.

The raspberry ice cream flecked with marshmallow and raspberry swirls and dotted with mini dark- and white-fudge ice-cream cones, which hit stores on Wednesday, is part of the Vermont company’s eponymous climate change campaign, developed in conjunction with environmental advocacy group Avaaz and Tesla Motors.

Each pint directs consumers to an online petition calling on global leaders to nail down concrete steps to curb global warming at the December climate change summit in Paris. The petition’s lofty goal aims to keep the global temperature from rising 2 degrees Celsius by demanding leaders to work toward 100 percent clean energy and completely phase out carbon pollution by 2050.

“If it’s melted, it’s ruined,” reads the campaigns tagline—which is as true for ice cream as it is for the planet.

The ice-cream innovator didn’t skimp on flavor to make its point, but if you look closely while eating the ice cream, you’ll see that it makes a statement while tasting good: As the ice cream inevitably melts, the tiny fudge cones appear to drown in a sea of creamy goodness, a reminder of the difference a couple of degrees makes.

So, everyone who believes in anthropogenic climate change needs to run down to the supermarket in your fossil fueled vehicles to buy it! Think of the carbon footprint from all those cows needed to produce milk, then transporting that milk via fossil fueled tankers.

Along with this awareness campaign, the creamery is working to make its own production increasingly green. Manufacturing ice cream can leave a rather hefty carbon footprint, from transporting and storing products to harmful methane emissions from dairy cows. The company continues to work on renewable energy sources in its major freezers and decreasing greenhouse gas emissions with local farmers. But Ben & Jerry’s is just one company, and for large-scale change it needs some help from the world’s top environmental experts and leaders to implement international regulations.

In other words, they’re climhypocrites, they know they’re climahypocrites, and they make the same excuse most Cult of Climastrology adherents make about Everyone Else being forced to lower their “carbon footprint” by Government Rule.

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