Who’s Up For UN Climate Talks That Have A “Toxic Background” Of Sexual Harassment?

Who’s Up For UN Climate Talks That Have A “Toxic Background” Of Sexual Harassment?

Yes, it is that time of the year where over ten thousand members of the Cult of Climastrology will take long fossil fueled trips to a fun vacation spot, where they’ll dine on great food, see some great sites, and work towards enacting bigger taxes, bigger fees, bigger government, and more and more control over the lives of Other People. The Bonn conference runs from the 6-17 of November, and is presided over by the government of Fiji, which is not present by Skype, you know

(Daily Caller) United Nations climate talks have a “toxic” history of sexual harassment, according to a veteran environmental lawyer.

Lawyer Farhana Yamin wrote an essay on her experience with sexual harassment at UN climate summits, arguing “the trivialization of women continues.” UN delegates kicked off a major climate summit in Bonn, Germany on Monday.

Yamin said it’s impossible to know how rampant sexual harassment is at male-dominated UN climate talks because “apart from informal whisper networks that keep women safe, it largely goes unreported.”

It’s not truly shocking. Remember, the CoC constantly talks about how women will be the hardest hit from Hotcoldwetdry, and find that the answer is to make women more dependent on Government, because Warmists think that women aren’t able to take care of themselves, because they’re women.

Obviously, Harvey Weinstein is mentioned in the article, so, this may well be a ” yeah, this is occurring here, too” thing, like how all the other Progressive leaning people are being exposed

“I’ve been privy to many unaired and hushed conversations over the last three decades of my life as a climate change lawyer and know for a fact that many incidents have been brushed under the carpet,” Yamin wrote for Climate Home News.

“I too have kept quiet about my share of painful experiences, especially as a young woman,” Yamin wrote. “These range from unwelcome comments on my appearance to being made to feel as though I had to choose between my dignity and my career. Such incidents left me in a jumble of nerves or seething, sometimes both.”

The UN IPCC is attempting to set a tone that sexual harassment will not be tolerated. Now, of course. They aren’t worried about the past. Let’s not forget that the former head, Rajendra Pachauri, has been accused of sexual harassment by multiple women.

“In climate negotiations, there is an additional set of problems in that many instances of harassment are from men from other delegations or constituencies whose actions are not covered by any kind of workplace policy or legal process,” Yamin wrote.

“And allegations of sexual misconduct might lead to a diplomatic incident if the parties concerned are from different countries – adding another pressure on victims to keep quiet,” Yamin wrote.

“On a personal front, as a first step I am urging women who have experience of harassment and abuse to share their experiences and help each other speak up,” she wrote. “Men too must stop the culture of silence and trivialization which makes them complicit.”

Why do Warmists like to harass women so much? Why are they not letting women in to their club?

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