Your Automatic Ice Maker Is Bad For Globull Warming

by William Teach | April 15, 2011 9:07 am

Did you know that your automatic ice maker is evil?[1]

Want to save the Earth? Easy, just buy a couple of ice trays. To the long list of human inventions that are wrecking global climate—the internal combustion engine, the industrial era factory—add the automatic ice maker.

Climate modelers have long known that households are far bigger contributors to global warming than most laypeople realize. For all the blame tailpipe emissions take for escalating temperatures, homes and office buildings are actually the single largest contributor to greenhouse gasses. One key reason is the 100-plus million refrigerators in America’s 111 million households. According to the Department of Energy, the standard fridge sucks up about 8% of the electricity used by all homes—a pretty big share given the dozens of big and small appliances and electronics that are also drawing juice.

According to the just-released findings, the average ice maker in the average fridge increases energy consumption by 12% to 20%….

OK, there you go, Warmists, here’s something easy to do: stop using your automatic ice maker. Just take it out. Better yet, you need to go out and purchase a new highly efficient fridge with no automatic ice maker. Double Better yet, reuse, recycle, get a used fridge. Certainly, you can do your small part to reduce anthropogenic global warming, right? Not that I actually expect you to do a blessed thing, because the Warmist viewpoint is that it is always Someone Else who has to Do Something, preferably at the barrel of a government law.

But, Time tells us the good news

NIST is thus urging refrigerator manufacturers to look closely at the design of their icemakers, insisting that there are “substantial opportunities for efficiency improvements merely by optimizing the operations of the heaters.”

That appeal to reason, NIST officials hope, will be enough. But just in case it isn’t, the Department of Energy has announced that it intends to add 84 kilowatt hours to the efficiency rating of every refrigerator equipped with an icemaker. Consumers will feel that fact in the wallet—and if manufacturers don’t scramble to improve their numbers, they soon will too.

Thanks, Government! You do all you can to make things more expensive.

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