$10 Million Suit to Punish Skeptics of Global Warming Propaganda

$10 Million Suit to Punish Skeptics of Global Warming Propaganda

Democrats have repeatedly made it clear that they want to throw people in prison for challenging their bogus global warming dogma. They don’t have the political leverage yet. But in the meantime, there is always lawfare:

A Stanford University professor filed a $10 million lawsuit against a team of researchers critical of his study purporting to show the U.S. could run on 100 percent green energy.

Reports surfaced in July that Stanford professor Mark Jacobson was mulling legal action against a team of 21 researchers led by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Christopher Clack.

Now, the disgruntled Stanford professor is suing his critics for claiming he made a “modelling error.”

Just the lawyer fees for a suit like this will be enough to intimidate some skeptics into silence.

Mike Shellenberger of the pronuclear group Environmental Progress accurately characterizes the lawsuit as “an appalling attack on free speech and scientific inquiry” and notes that “Scientific disagreements must be decided not in court but rather through the scientific process.”

But that won’t do, because it does not guarantee the politically desired outcome. When even the weather is politicized, law trumps science, as we saw when the Supreme Court absurdly ruled that carbon dioxide — which is produced by literally all human activity, and which plants require to grow — is a “pollutant” subject to regulation by the fanatical Environmental Protection Agency, on the grounds that according to leftist theory it makes the weather warmer.

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