14 of the most egregious lies, policies, and law-breaking activities of this Administration

by Dustin Siggins | October 4, 2012 9:46 am

With the first of three Presidential General Election debates having taken place last night, it seems like a good time to remind the American people of some of the worst aspects of the Obama Administration. But rather than focus just on the policy aspects of what President Obama has signed into law, this piece will look at some of the many political manipulations and lies made since January 20, 2009.

Below is merely a partial list compiled by and researched by me and political activist and author[1] A. E. Duzett. Enjoy.

Over the past several years, President Obama:

1. Signed a health care law that changes the traditional and legal relationship regarding contract law in America through the individual mandate[2] and makes medical rationing by the federal government a fully supported legal process[3].

2. Required religious institutions to violate their First Amendment rights[4]…or go out of business[5].

3. Federally funded abortions[6], and not just rape/incest/life of the mother abortions… despite a promise[7] in the Affordable Care Act to avoid funding elective abortions.

4. Assassinated U.S. citizens without due process[8], despite campaigning[9] against the Bush Administration’s wiretapping and other post-9/11 policies. (Oh, and despite the Constitution’s prohibition[10] of such assassinations.)

5. Neglected to hold his Attorney General accountable[11] for the Fast & Furious scandal, despite the deaths that have occurred as a result,[12] AND he wanted to blame Bush[13] for it even though it was a policy the Obama Administration started[14].

6. Followed on Bush’s heels in making “Too Big To Fail” the policy of the federal government through continuous bank[15] and auto[16] bailouts[17].

7. Made up the term “primary balance” to justify having a budget plan that has $600 billion in annual deficits. This budget plan also relies on already-in-place budget “cuts” and wishful thinking on economic growth[18] to shrink the deficit to $600 billion.

8. Sent troops to Afghanistan solely to gain political support from both sides of the aisle, not for victory. This is shown in that the President sent almost exactly the middle number of troops[19] requested by then-commander General McChrystal, and 10,000 fewer[20] than what McChrystal considered the minimum necessary to win.
9. Went on talk shows[21] and skipped intelligence briefings[22] after an ambassador was killed in
Libya and U.S. embassies across America were being burned and attacked. Also, he lied to the public[23] about his view on those attacks and protests for almost a week.

10. Had the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff make a call to a private citizen[24] engaging in his First Amendment rights to ask that citizen to stop using his First Amendment rights. In 2010, the Defense Secretary made a similar call[25] to this same citizen.

11. Blatantly used public dollars and public policy to increase his odds of re-election, in violation of federal law: first, by traveling in the spring to promote[26] his education[27] plans, and second, telling defense contractors to break the law[28] regarding layoffs in order to not have greater unemployment only days before the November election.

12. Nominated[29] a Supreme Court Justice for her empathy[30], not her interpretation of the Constitution. The latter is the job of a Justice; the former is not[31].

13. Broke federal law and bankruptcy tradition[32] during the government takeover of the auto industry, and allowed[33] then-GMC CEO Ed Whitacre to lie about repaying the taxpayers[34].

14. Refused[35] to back the Iranian protesters in 2009, allowing the current Iranian regime to stay in power and expand both its military and economic threats to America and her allies.

There are, of course, other things this administration has done that are as immoral, illegal, and unconstitutional as some of these actions, and policies such as the stimulus and Dodd-Frank were obviously major failures. However, this is simply one attempt to boil down the Obama Administration’s top failures and most intentionally misleading actions as the Executive Branch since 2009. This is not to excuse the many bad policies and decisions of the Bush Administration, or to praise Romney for what he may or may not do as president. But the American people should know the worst of the worst that the Obama Administration has done since entering office.

Have we missed anything? Let us know in the comments.


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