15 Reasons I Could Never Support a Democrat

15 Reasons I Could Never Support a Democrat

At this point, I would never vote for a Democrat. Not any Democrat, under any circumstances. That’s not because I love the Republican Party. They’re a bunch of screw-ups. I could give you a dozen things I don’t like about every Republican from Trump on down. It’s also not because I hate anyone. Since Osama Bin Laden died, there’s not a human being on earth that I hate. It’s because what the Democrats have become is monstrous. When you point these sorts of things out, some Democrats always claim that THEY don’t believe that. But THEY DO and you can tell that because they consistently and persistently support, help, and encourage the liberals that do everything on this list. All a moderate Democrat is in 2020 is a person who’ll silently claim to disagree with the absolute worst behavior of the Left while they do everything in their power to enable it. This is what the Democrat Party is in 2020.

1) Watch the incredible disrespect towards the police at liberal protests and you will realize Democrats are anti-cop to the point where they root for the criminals and don’t care whether the police live or die.

2) Democrats accuse everyone that disagrees with them of racism. Oppose their agenda? Racist. In the other political party? Racist. Everything and everybody against them is racist and they care zero whether it’s true or not.

3) Not only do Democrats allow rioting and looting in areas they control, they go so far overboard to excuse it that they’ll tell you protesting is “mostly peaceful” with a building burning in the background.

4) Democrats work relentlessly to censor people that they disagree with. If Democrats have power somewhere, you can be sure they are working non-stop to keep other views from being heard.

5) The primary electoral strategy Democrats have is to lie to people and tell them conservatives like me hate them. They don’t care if it’s true and they don’t care what it does to people’s lives, they just think it helps them, so they do it.

6) Democrats used to at least claim to be the party that wanted abortion to be “safe, legal, and rare.” Today, they’re the party of killing as many babies as possible. No matter what it is, if it produces more dead babies, they support it.

7) Democrats don’t believe in the 2nd Amendment. If they thought they could get away with confiscating every gun in the country tomorrow, they would.

8) Democrats encourage everyone to think of themselves as a victim. It doesn’t matter if they are, if it’s good for them, or even good for society, they have to be victims so Democrats can “save” them.

9) Democrats don’t believe in the Constitution. They believe in a living Constitution, which is no different than saying the Constitution is whatever they want it to be.

10) The Democrats are an anti-Christian Party. They mock, undermine, and smear Christians at every opportunity. Even the liberal Christians put liberalism ahead of Christ.

11) Democrats don’t believe in science. They believe in picking whatever policy they support and endlessly repeating: “You hate science,” if you don’t agree with whatever flimsy scientific evidence they offer for their position.

12) Because Democrats believe illegal aliens will support them politically, they not only support open borders, they treat illegal immigration as interchangeable with legal immigration and genuinely don’t care about the consequences for the country.

13) Democrats will claim they believe something like “gay marriage is wrong” or “men pretending to be women” shouldn’t be able to go in the women’s bathroom, change their mind, and declare that everyone who has the same opinion they did 5 minutes ago is a bigot.

14) Democrats deliberately try to keep people trapped in poverty because they’ve often seen that the same people they’ve helped impoverish will give them their votes in exchange for mediocre handouts from the government.

15) If you knew someone that falsely accused a man of attempted rape, you’d think they were the lowest scum imaginable. Yet, the Democrat Party as a whole did exactly that to Brett Kavanaugh and they knew that’s what they were doing while they were doing it.

This originally appeared at Bongino.com

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