15 Small Things Every Conservative Can Do to Make America Better

15 Small Things Every Conservative Can Do to Make America Better

Every movement has its flaws and one of the biggest ones we conservatives have is that we always seem to be waiting for a “man on a white horse” to show up and save the country. We want to just go about our daily lives and then wait for a Reagan, Trump, Cruz, Gowdy, Palin, Limbaugh, Levin, Shapiro, Bongino, or whoever the latest conservative hero is to show up and carry us to victory on their shoulders. Unfortunately, that’s not really how a movement wins. A movement wins when regular people do the right thing, demand changes, and then elevate leaders to do what they want them to do. There is no leader who can fix things if you and I aren’t doing the right things. Do all of us have to be perfect? Does each of us have to do everything on this list? No. But, if enough of us are doing something and we hit a tipping point, you may be surprised to see a leader suddenly appear.

1) Volunteer to help out politicians and causes you believe in. Put a sign in your yard. Stuff envelopes for them. Help with their bake sale. It’s the people on the ground, not the people in Washington that make things go.

2) Oppose any person or program that gives more power to the federal government. Refuse to give up any of your rights and liberties. Support any person or program who wants to lessen the power of the federal government. The bigger the government, the less room we have for freedom.

3) Raise Hell if your kid is being taught a liberal agenda in school. Don’t play nice while people poison your child’s mind.

4) Encourage your state and federal legislator to cut off funds for state schools, corporations, or any enterprises that are biased against conservatives. Your tax dollars shouldn’t be supporting people that work against you.

5) If you run across a cop or a soldier, thank them for their service to the community. They’re doing a tough job and with all the liberal hate aimed at them, they need to know most Americans don’t feel that way.

6) If you think a Republican or conservative is being attacked unfairly, speak up for them whether it is popular or not.

7) If an actor or singer rips conservatives, make a point of not giving them money and tell the world why. They can have whatever political beliefs they want, but if those beliefs include publicly trashing people like you, let someone else pay for that.

8) If a sport has players disrespecting the flag or conservatives, turn it off and tell the world why. I haven’t seen a football game in years. I don’t miss it. You won’t either.

9) If a corporation disrespects conservatives, stop giving them your money and tell the world why. They need you a lot more than you need them.

10) Put a political sign in your yard. It will embolden people that agree with you.

11) Bookmark conservative websites and YouTube channels that you like so you aren’t reliant on social media to get to them. If they’re saying what you believe, support them every way you can.

12) Chip in money to politicians, causes, GoFundMe’s, and paid newsletters that you like. It may only be $5, but that adds up if enough conservatives do it.

13) Support your local church. Attend. Go to the potlucks. Be a deacon. Promote it to your friends. Take your kids. Anything that helps the church, helps conservatism and America.

14) Vote. Encourage your friends to vote. Drive people to the polls. Ultimately, it’s the people that show up to vote who determine how the country is going to look.

15) Be good. Be kind. Be competent. Take care of yourself and your family. Be the sort of person you’d want to see a million more of in the world so that people can look at your example and go, “Wow, that’s what conservatives are like. They’re pretty great.”

You may look at all of these and say, “How is this going to reverse Roe v. Wade or get a Republican back in the White House? It’s not big enough.” However, that is EXACTLY THE THING. There are a dozen policies we could implement to make America better, but the key is not just to get politicians with an “R” beside their name in office, it’s to get enough politicians that will fight for the right policies in. Better yet, it’s to build up such strong support for the right policies that they are considered the default positions that everyone that isn’t a radical has. We used to have those stances in America and we can have them again if enough Americans will step up to the plate and demand them. More billionaires, smart pols, and pundits are great, but build a big enough wave of people that believe in what we do and all the things we want will start to “magically” happen.

This originally appeared at Bongino.com

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